2022 Nautical Tourism Award Packages

Welcome We at LUXlife are proudly launching our inaugural Nautical Tourism Awards 2022! It’s a hugely exciting time for the industry, with the market anticipated to rise considerably over the next four years. It’s our aim to arm the standout companies in their field with the appropriate recognition in order to take advantage of this growth and establish themselves firmly in their markets. We will be driving nominations and accepting votes across the full spectrum of the industry - players, stakeholders and other participants. The Nautical Tourism Awards 2022 are a fantastic opportunity to draw attention to those within the industry who possess a true passion for their company and dedicate their time and effort to building a successful business. We believe it is important to give businesses the opportunity to showcase their hard-earned success. We at LUXlife understand the devasting impact COVID-19 has had on tourism and in particular nautical tourism. The industry has been under severe and sustained pressure from international restrictions and those active within it have had to innovate and push boundaries in order to adapt and survive. But we are entering an exciting phase of growth and the resilience demonstrated over the last few years will be rewarded by a bullish market and pent-up consumer demand.