2022 Style & Apparel Award Packages

The latest figures from the UK show that spending on clothing has increased by a fifth this year compared to 2021, with buying levels higher than pre-pandemic reports! Another factor driving growth in the Luxury Apparel industry is the increasing popularity of E-Commerce. Online Retail made up nearly a quarter of the Luxury market in 2021, as the modern consumer has evolved to expect a standard of convenience and accessibility in their shopping experience that only E-Commerce platforms can provide. Luxury brands must adapt and make use of technological advancements to stay competitive and achieve continued customer loyalty going forward. The advent of digital software and solutions has revolutionised the Retail industry, and this combined with recent shifts in shopper behaviour has been highly influential for Luxury Fashion. Complimentary Package Entry into Style and Apparel Awards 2022 online SEO directory Access to & use of the official press release