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welcome to the 2022 Pet Pr duct & Services Awards Originally launched in 2018, the Pet Product and Services Awards seek to spotlight those individuals, organisations and enterprises who strive to make an outstanding contribution to the pet industry, representing the most dedicated of our pets’ caretakers and providers. The Pet Product and Services Awards have returned for 2022, following an exceptional reception to those that have been recognised in previous years. This year, we also recognise that the industry have seen record levels of pet adoption and ownership across the past two years and now more than ever we understand the joy and comfort that pet companionship can bring. By all regards, the pet industry is expected to thrive in many areas for the remainder of 2022 and beyond, with trends predicting increased consumer interest in pet well-being across the sector. From ethically sourced and naturally-formulated pet food to CBD based joint supplements, and even pet toothpaste – caring for your canine’s canines! But, for now, let’s present those that have achieved amazing success in this year’s edition of the Pet Products & Services Awards… Sif Brookes - Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. Night and Day K9 Training: Best Dog Training Business 2022 - DFW 6. Proactive Pets: Best Holistic Pet Care & Wellbeing Business - Sydney 8. Petrebels: Cat Scratching Tree Product of the Year 2022 10. Henry & Co: Best Organic Dog Grooming Salon - Scotland 11. Mipuchi: Most Innovative Luxury Pet Grooming Product 2022: Mipuchi 12. Wagging Tales: Best Animal Consultation & Advisory Media Platform - USA 13. Good as Golden Dog Training: Best Canine Behaviour Expert (Yorkshire): Kate Bond 14. Fetch n Fun: Best Doggy Daycare 2022 - QLD 15. Hyperflite: Best Throwing Disc Dog Toy Brand 2022 16. The Dog Walker Wetherby: Most Trusted Dog Walking Business - Yorkshire 17. Bio-Med Animal Health: Most Innovative Animal Health Company - Australia 18. Fetch RI: Best Holistic Pet Supply Boutique - Rhode Island 19. The Dog Haus: Best Dog Walking & Daycare Service - Amsterdam 20. Kernow Cat Hotel: Best Luxury Cattery - Cornwall 21. Medi-Crunch™: Most Innovative Dog Medication Delivery Solution 2022: Medi- Crunch™ 22. SacRiver Kennels: Best Dog Breeding Facility – Missouri 23. Cockapoo and Friends: Best Bespoke Dog Grooming Business 2022 - Cheshire 24. Vet Seekers: Best Veterinary Recruitment Agency - UK 25. SMITH&BURTON: Best Eco-Luxury Dog Grooming Brand 2022 – APAC

Page 4 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Apr22286 A problem pet can create havoc in the household. If your prize pooch starts to show signs of aggression or anxiety, if they can’t mind their manners and become overexcited at the slightest development, it might be time to turn to an expert. When the team at Night and Day K9 Training get involved with a project, their clients can rest easy knowing that when their animal returns, they will return well trained and lovingly looked after in equal measure. Nestled in the heart of Fort Worth, the Night and Day K9 Training team have quickly earned a reputation for excellence in the field. The core of their success is the knowledge that no two dogs are the same, and this means that their training can’t be either. The unique problems affecting each animal can only be overcome by taking the time to understand the underlying causes of each individual case. All of the programs offered by the team have been carefully constructed so that any dog has the chance to adapt and learn from previous sessions. Since opening their doors, the team at Night and Day K9 Training have been proud to offer a range of different courses to their The best training is thoroughly bespoke, looking at any problems that arise and exploring ways of solving them. Few understand this better than the team behind Night and Day K9 Training, with their impressive track record of success transforming the behaviour of many problematic pets. This success has been justly recognised in the LUXlife Pet Products and Services Awards 2022, but we thought it right to explore precisely how they’ve achieved such success. Night and Day K9 Training Best Dog Training Business 2022 - DFW clients, including Obedience Training, Behavior Modification and Competitive Training. These programs are infinitely variable to meet the infinitely varied lives of the families the team come into contact with. If true luxury is having any choice open to you, this is a team that is committed to delivering a true luxury option that guarantees incredible results. Even the most difficult of dogs can be taught good manners and how to obey instructions, and the Night and Day K9 Training team simply won’t stop until they succeed. The unique nature of everyone’s situation means that the flexibility of Night and Day K9 Training has proven paramount to their success. A host of sophisticated methods and tools are used to find the most effective solution every time. Driving these systems forward are a small team that has proven capable of connecting effectively with dogs from a host of backgrounds. The firm’s two trainers, Meranda and Hunter, have proven over the years not only to have a passion for their work, but an ability to connect with their clients and their clients’ dogs. Meranda, in particular, boasts an impressive repertoire of skills having been training dogs since the age of 15, becoming a certified trainer at the age of 18, shadowing under two service dog trainers and still continuing her education to this day. She is Animal Behavior College Certified, E-collar Certified and Puppy Training Certified, bringing a level of confidence to those who turn to her for help. Hunter has benefitted considerably from this incredible knowledge as he was brought into the business as an apprentice and has been able to thrive under Meranda’s remarkable guidance. It’s important to be able to offering dog training at any age, and to suit a variety of circumstances. For the Night and Day K9 Training team, the job can begin at just seven weeks old. Even at this early stage, it’s important that your puppies understand the value of basic obedience. Through three in-home training sessions, the team have proven they can set high standards for both dogs and owners, ensuring that bad habits don’t form at the start of a relationship. Following their advice almost ensures that you’ll have a well-trained dog for life! Slightly older dogs need the principles of obedience built into how thye live, with the Night and Day K9 Training team teaching foundational manners and assisting with minor issues such as nipping, jumping and potty training. As the dog gets older and more experienced, the team reduce their dependency of treats. With two courses on offer, namely Basic Obedience and Advanced Obedience, you will find new and effective ways of bonding with your pets in the long run. Your pet won’t simply do their Page 5 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services own thing, instead enjoying listening to your instructions both at home and outside too. The final stage for the team is their Perfect Dog course, which essentially builds all of the aforementioned stages into one final package. If you want to travel with your pet, and if you never want to have any concerns about their behavior, this is the right training for you to take. Working through a host of different environments, your pup will soon rise through the ranks to pet perfection. Whilst this course can take two months of boarding to complete, the results really do speak for themselves. Whilst many of these courses are invaluable to those who have puppies and want to ensure they’re happy, healthy and confident in their behavior, the Night and Day K9 Training team also take on those who might have intentions to harm animals or people. If your pets’ anxiety or aggression is preventing you from living the life you’d want to live, this experienced team are the ones to call. Their training is understandably customised to suit each circumstance, but it’s a sure way of allowing an important part of your family to live their best lives without fear. The high standards set by the team really speak for themselves and are a core reason behind the success of Night and Day K9 Training. With an approach that is incredibly flexible, that serves the needs of individual circumstances and that gets great results it’s little wonder that so many people have placed the team in such high regard. We celebrate their success and cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: Night and Day K9 Training Name: Meranda Paonessa Email: [email protected]

Page 6 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Apr22703 The word holistic is used so much in luxury literature nowadays, and the reason for its use is the recognition that everything is interconnected. Our mental health reflects our physical wellbeing, for example. As with humans, so the same is true of our pets. Our beloved creatures are happiest and healthiest when they are cared for in every way. Who better to do this than their family? Well, when family’s away or hasn’t quite got the time to keep an eye on things, the team at Proactive Pets are on hand to help. The driving force behind Proactive Pets is a passion for the health and wellbeing of the animals in their care. They offer pet minding (for a variety of pets) and training services, but this massively undersells the incredible opportunities that the team present. The team at this amazing establishment have built a reputation for excellence on the basis of offering natural alternatives in pet care that are as gentle as they are effective. A natural approach to a pet’s healthcare really does speak for itself. By allowing them to thrive, in and of themselves, they will live happier and Looking after any animal is serious business, and few understand it to the same extent that the team from Proactive Pets do. They know that minding a pet is more than just keeping them healthy. It means taking a holistic approach to ensure their wellbeing at all times and in every way. In the LUXlife Pet Products and Services Awards 2022, this intrepid team were recognised for their sterling efforts. We dig a little deeper to discover precisely what they did to ensure such incredible success. Proactive Pets Best Holistic Pet Care & Wellbeing Business - Sydney more vital lives. With this incredible team taking care of the most popular part of the household, the most popular part of the household will more than take care of themselves. Since 2010, the Proactive Pets team have been espousing their carefully developed approach, and for the last twelve years, their clients have seen their animals settle into a life of true contentment. Naturally, the team offer a wealth of different services and products to suit the individual needs of their customers and of their customers’ pets. No two are the same, and as such requires bespoke attention. Members of this talented team will provide pet visits to your home whilst you’re on holiday, feeding them, playing with them and keeping them company. For some, the need for an in-house sitter is obvious and so your pet is invited to stay with new friends. This is often much nicer than uninviting kennels, with stays that can change to suit your needs. Other services can be incorporated, including the team’s highly regarded Good Manners program that helps the owner to better communicate with their pets, in a way that the pet understands. Page 7 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Some of the pets that come through the doors of Proactive Pets may be a little anxious or even fearful of a new environment, needing some tender loving care to put them back on track, but that is all in a day’s work for the team. They are well educated in assessing different behaviour patterns and exercise their understanding of this when running their doggy day care programme, especially geared to dogs that don’t necessarily cope with being left for long hours when their pet parents need to work. Other issues that the Team look at may be related to nutritional requirements and these can be addressed through the team’s K9 Easy Dine©TM homemade pet food and dietary plans – a proven way of solving many health problems. This solution is all about nutritious doggie dinners, blending healthy, raw, natural, whole foods with extensively researched natural supplements. The team also offer a host of homeopathic remedies that assist in stimulating your pet’s own immune system to help bring about equilibrium. Under the guidance of resident specialist Tracey Morrison, Proactive Pets has helped many animals to recover from serious illnesses. Tracey is a qualified Homeopath with over 20 years’ experience treating animals and has tackled numerous complaints with a great amount of success. She sees homeopathy as a way of balancing out a pet’s system, treating the cause of the problem as opposed to just treating the projected symptoms. Her remedies are made from natural substances, meaning that your pet won’t react harshly as they might do with some prescribed drugs. Animals can get sick for many reasons, and only by taking a holistic viewpoint is it possible to truly understand what the difficulties facing our prized pets are. When it comes to looking after your animals, the team at Proactive Pets know how important a broad perspective is. When they take on responsibility for tending to your pets, they bring this broad perspective to the table. It’s an essential part of why so many people trust them to care for their furry friends. Their success in the Pet Products and Services Awards reflects the incredible level of quality they bring and is a key reason behind their continued success. Company: Proactive Pets Name: Tracey Morrison Email: [email protected]

Page 8 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Apr22488 A company made up of staunch cat people who are passionate about providing the best products for a customer’s feline friends, Petrebels is a self-willed brand fuelled by fun and fresh ideas. Fundamentally, its core goal is making cats happy all over the world, and to create a cat tree collection that fits with each personality type and breed, allowing each cat owner to get their cat something truly special. Some cats are climbers, movers and shakers who like to be everywhere and anywhere within the home where they can perch or pounce appropriately. Equally, some are sleepy house cats who are happy to curl up on their favourite patch of sofa and snooze the day away. Petrebels celebrates both ends of the spectrum and all cats in-between – even up to cats who just enjoy going out and being a friendly local menace – and its cat scratchers reflect this accordingly. Safe, stable, and with a variety of different styles available, the cat tree is an invaluable part of cat ownership and something that will not only foster that sense of exploration with places to perch, snooze, or patrol, but offer a way to keep their claws healthy with places to scratch off the old sheds. Of course, this all came from somewhere. The catalyst for this business, its philosophy, Being one of the foremost producers of cat trees in the world, Petrebels serves cats of all breeds and personalities with its lines of exemplary products. From the dainty and pretty looking cat trees to the huge, jungle-gym style cat playgrounds that will keep any cat occupied for hours, its platforms give a great space for snoozing and enrichment, and its scratching posts allow a cat to scratch off their claw sheds in a safe manner. Petrebels Cat Scratching Tree Product of the Year 2022 and its products has been the owner’s own cat, Freddie, a ‘stubborn, badass fluff ball’ who enjoys testing all the new innovations that Petrebels comes up with to ensure they’ll up to the best standards! Freddie, his owners, and the Petrebels brand in the macro scale encourages all cats and cat owners to ‘unleash the rebel’ with sustainable, quality, and safe cat products that will allow the greatest freedom of expression for a feline with all the peace of mind that an owner could want. Its cat trees are all made from responsibly sourced materials that are good to the environment as well as to the kitty customers they end up in the claws of. Critically, they are each made in factories that wield the foremost environmental policies, laws, and requirements, with a sustainability policy that allows them to abide by the letter of the law and push for better, safer production practices in the industry. The wood it used is responsibly sourced, the plush is of great quality, and each separate part is both glued and stapled in a secure manner that uses non-toxic chemicals. With all of this in mind, it is easy to see how Petrebels has become a true favourite for cat owners all over the world, with feline friends big and small delighting in the cat trees it offers and the freedom of exploration – or freedom of relaxation if they’re more a sleepy soul – that they deserve. Crucially, it strives to make sure each cat has their own kingdom in which ‘the cat is king’, with each tree having the capability to be highly modular from additional hammocks to scratch mats and fanwear. With its champion-ready pet trees, it is prepared to deal with the more adventurous and devil-may-care amongst pampered pets, stocking a range full of strong, huge, heavy, and incredibly solid cat trees that can withstand all manner of more intense play across ling periods of time. These cat trees can follow a cat from kittenhood all the way to later in life, and the reviews they get reflect this. Fundamentally, clients rave about the strength and durability of this line of cat trees, as well as how they are great for cats that like to leap from A to B instead of simply climbing up to where they wish to go. For the royalty of the cat kingdom, those who prefer the finer things in life, the Kings and Queens range creates trendy, affordable, strong, and stabilised cat trees, with all manner of interesting bells and whistles to keep even the pickiest of pets entertained for hours. With plush cushioning, plenty of scratch space, and lots of platforms to make their new stomping ground, cats can run, jump, play, and rest atop any space of the Petrebels cat trees, and the variety of different looks and feels that it can provide allow it to ensure that owners and cats are Page 9 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services catered to in a like manner, allowing the cat tree to become a fitting aesthetic element in the home that they can be proud of. Petrebels even does a line of cat trees called the ‘Lucky Bastards’ line that takes all these principles and propels them all the way into the stratosphere, pushing the possibilities of cat tree design into something more akin to a small child’s jungle gym. These gigantic cat trees are perfect for big cats like Maine Coons – or indeed for households with multiple cats – allowing plenty of space for these pets to move around comfortably and to feel secure in their exploration and scratching. These cat trees, despite their size and the truly incredible scale of them, are the same level of quality as all the rest of Petrebels’s lines in that it guarantees they will last 30% longer than other cat trees by different brands. With its quality, service, and guarantee, it is proud of the products and services it delivers, and stands for the very best, providing the manufacturer’s warranty and delivering the best possible service to the owners of the cats it serves. The safety of the cat is safeguarded in the stability and lack of harmful chemicals, as well as the extra thick bottom plates that each cat tree is fitted with. Critically, these plates have been developed with Freddie’s own rambunctious play style in mind, and with a comprehensive knowledge of the more adventurous cats ability to seemingly bring even the greatest structures low should they wish to! Thus, Petrebels promises that no matter how enthusiastic a feline gets with its cat trees, the cat tree will remain reliably stalwart. Founders Dennis and Detlef are proud to welcome more people and pets into the Petrebels family as it continues to grow, launching a new collection between 2022 and 2023 that it is excited to show off. Company: Petrebels Contact: Dennis Steenbakkers Website:

Page 10 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Henry & Co is run by Arlene Millar and her fluffy friend, Henry, a cockapoo who prefers the finer things in life and wishes for his fellow pooches to be able to indulge in the same! Fundamentally, this friendly local dog grooming salon takes great care of its visitor’s pets, ensuring that each of them can receive the best treatments in-house that take care of even the most troublesome matts or adventurers family friends. To do so, Henry & Co uses its very own range of products. Each of these is organic, harsh-chemical free, and synthetic-fragrance-free, resulting in a product that is safe for use on animals with sensitive skin in order to keep them looking their best and feeling great. With each of Arlene’s – and, of course, Henry’s – clients leaving happy and healthy every time, its efforts in dog grooming and product creation make for the most nourished, shiny, and conditioned coats that are far easier to maintain as a result of good overall hair health, ensuring the local area’s canines are pampered to perfection. Being an awardwinning company, this salon has never been one to rest on its laurels. Despite receiving Serving the local community and their furry family friends, Henry & Co is a dog grooming salon with its own exemplary range of all-organic products. Fostering an environmentally friendly, empathic, and tenacious approach to dog grooming that puts the health and happiness of the canine first, each of its products have been designed to be safe on even the most sensitive of skin, preventing matts and encouraging good coat health. Extending thanks to its fourlegged and two-legged clients alike for putting their trust in it, it is excited to be coming out of lockdowns and moving towards a bright future. Mar22082 Henry & Co Best Organic Dog Grooming Salon - Scotland accreditation after accreditation for its organic product range, it is always dedicated to receiving and acting on client feedback, striving to improve itself and its products. Thus, within its boutique establishment, clients – two legged and four legged alike – can expect a warm, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere. Fully stocked with shampoos, conditioners, ear-cleaners, fragrances, detangling sprays, dog balm, and even human hand lotion, it also sells treats and toys so that Henry & Co’s visitors can enjoy a fresh source of entertainment or a delicious snack as well as a thorough looking after. Catering to all breeds and styles, and putting itself in its client’s shoes, its services are fair and affordable to allow for professional doggy grooming to become more of a staple in more people’s lives. Moreover, with its diligent, empathetic, and well-trained staff, it survived the tumult of lockdown with the support these people have fostered in the local community, with Arlene and her team giving online classes that allowed its furry patrons to continue being well looked after. Nowadays, it is fully booked with a 10-week waiting list, and is happy to welcome its clients old and new back through its doors with open arms, excited to show off the new products it has been working hard to create in the very near future. Company: Henry & Co Contact: 07539312502 Website: Instagram: Page 11 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Founded by Michael Welten, Mipuchi is on a mission to allow pet owners to enjoy a closer connection with their furry friends with its natural range of pet grooming products, made pure in New Zealand. The company provides a natural alternative to synthetic-based grooming products which incorporate signature New Zealand ingredients including manuka honey, kowhai flower, kiwi fruit, and native lavender. Join us as we take a closer look at Mipuchi and its groundbreaking product range. Mipuchi Most Innovative Luxury Pet Grooming Product 2022: Mipuchi Apr22449 Michael Welten’s career began in sales management 15 years prior to founding Mipuchi, having worked for national and multinational FMCG companies. The beginning of the Mipuchi story stems back to five years ago, when he was on a shopping expedition in search of a pet fragrance for his French Bulldog, Benson. While pet fragrances have been around for more than 20 years, Michael was horrified to discover that they all contained a number of rather nasty chemicals – and he certainly wasn’t about to spray them on his beloved Benson. This sparked the idea to create a luxury dog perfume made entirely from natural ingredients, and so a product development journey began with the assistance of his father who was a veterinarian for over 30 years. Michael’s goal was to create a 100% plant-based pet fragrance that was alcohol-free and contained no parabens or harmful chemicals. The result was Mipuchi – the world’s first luxury dog perfume, made pure in New Zealand. Also alongside Michael in this journey has been his business partner, Tony Aubrey, who has spent 20 years in senior creative director roles for national and multi-national advertising agencies. Tony worked with Michael to develop the Mipuchi branding, packaging, and marketing to bring the product to the market. As a dog lover, Tony, too, was passionate about the Mipuchi brand and providing fellow dog lovers around the world with the opportunity to build a closer connection with their pets. Together, Michael and Tony have successfully launched the product in New Zealand, Singapore, and the US – and they have expanded their portfolio to include a range of premium plant-based pet shampoos and conditioner… much to the delight of dog groomers and customers both in New Zealand and overseas who are raving about the performance of the products! This innovative range of plant-based luxury dog perfumes is beyond kind to your pooch’s skin while being ideal for a range of scenarios, including in between dog grooming appointments, so every day can smell like grooming day; to remove that ‘wet dog’ smell; when you want your dog smelling divine before guests arrive; when you’re visiting pet-friendly accommodation, cafes and restaurants; when you’re visiting friends or taking your dog on a playdate; after your dog has been to doggy day care or playing with other dogs; and to get them ready to travel by car. Then, the plant-based dog shampoos and conditioner are perfect for in between dog grooming appointments, and when your dog has had too much fun playing in mud and swimming in lakes and rivers. The shampoo is deep-cleansing and hypoallergenic while the conditioner is protective and protein-rich, using New Zealand’s harakeke flax, which is nature’s moisturiser with three-times the hydration power of aloe vera and olive oil. The natural plant-based ingredients also contain moisturising ingredients to provide a protective film, which contribute to a shinier coat and assist in making combing easier. Since bringing Mipuchi to the market, Michael has noticed that the pet industry continues to grow significantly, with there having been a huge increase over the last decade in the number of public places that pets are now allowed (restaurants, cafes, public transport) – so there may be more pet owners wishing to make their fur babies smell heavenly before taking them to these places. Alongside this, covid has contributed to increased pet ownership. As a result, pet owners are now becoming more aware of their pet’s smell and appearance, and are seeking premium and natural solutions for their canine friends – instead of the low quality, bad smelling synthetic and alcohol-based perfumes, shampoos, and conditioners. Mipuchi solves this problem with its range of natural plant-based pet grooming products. Indeed, Mipuchi has come a long way since Michael made that discovery five years ago, and it’s not showing any sign of stopping. The company is continually developing new and innovative natural plant-based pet grooming products, so watch this space! Additionally, it has launched a range of horse grooming products and is looking for export partners and opportunities around the world. Company: Mipuchi Contact: Michael Welten Email: [email protected] Website:

Page 12 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Using his gift of animal communication and Reiki energy healing, Tim Link works with clients from all over the world. He specialises in helping animals of all types and their humans to strengthen their human-animal connection. While there are others in the field of animal communication, Tim is internationally recognised for the work he does with lost animals. Often, many other animal communicators refer their clients with lost animals to Tim because of his expertise and the techniques he uses. This includes map dowsing in order to pinpoint the strongest energy readings from the missing animal. Tim can also help animals with behaviour problems due to mental, emotional, or physical/health related issues, in addition to providing services where he communicates with animals that are in the process of making their transition, those who have completed their transition, and animals that need Reiki energy healing. Tim realises that animals are a very important part of a person’s life, so he strives to be compassionate and empathetic when working with animals and their human companions. He therefore provides prompt response times when someone schedules a consultation with him. Indeed, the clients that Tim works with have very strong bonds with their animals. They want what’s best for their animal friends and appreciate the additional insight that can be gained from a consultation with him. During the pandemic, many were limited in their travel, so Tim saw many people’s attentions shift to their animals and them become a bigger focus in their lives. Tim Link has been working with animals as an internationally recognised animal communicator and pet expert since 2004. He established his business, Wagging Tales Inc. in 2007. Join us as we learn more about how he helps animals and their human companions. Apr22704 Wagging Tales Best Animal Consultation & Advisory Media Platform - USA Each and every day brings with it a new opportunity for Tim to help animals. He never knows what the day will bring, what type of animal he will be working with, or from what part of the world they come from. In order to spread his know-how, Tim has authored two books, ‘Wagging Tales: Every Animal has a Tale’ and ‘Talking with Dogs and Cats: Joining the Conversation to Improve Behavior and Bond with Your Animals’. He also hosts a top-rated, syndicated radio show on Pet Life Radio called Animal Writes. On his show, he interviews best-selling authors that feature an animal as a key character in their stories, award-winning writers and journalists that focus on stories about animals, and bloggers with interesting topics to share about animals. On his own website, Tim features his audio workshop for those who want to learn how to communicate with animals, his books, and two professionally recorded mindfulness meditations. It brings Tim a lot of joy to be able to bridge the communication gap between animals and their human companions, and he is often told how much more his clients understand about their animals from their sessions with him. Being able to give animals a voice is truly a blessing for him to share with those he helps. Company: Wagging Tales Contact: Tim Link Email: [email protected] Website: Page 13 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Kate Bond is Good as Golden, a dog training and behaviour company covering Wakefield and working remotely across the country. She works with a large number of families with young children, specialising in Kids Around Dogs as an approved professional (www. Kate also works with people without children, working professionals, and anyone looking to help their dogs find harmony and develop into the perfect companion. Additionally, she works with schools to offer informal age-appropriate information on keeping children safe around dogs. Good as Golden Dog Training Best Canine Behaviour Expert (Yorkshire): Kate Bond Apr22090 The aim of Good as Golden is to help humans understand their dogs, keep children and dogs safe together, and dispel the myths of dog training. The company distinguishes itself from competition by providing unrivalled support, with its training programmes encompassing significant support through the behaviour modification process. Kate understands that support is vital to long-term success, and to ensure she is able to offer this essential service, she limits the number of clients she takes on each month. She encourages clients to share their ups as well as their downs and will coach and mentor them through it all, which is why she has an exceptional track record for turning around the most persistent and difficult behavioural issues. The secret ingredient? Being completely devoted to helping humans find the joy of dog guardianship. Kate undeniably adores working with families and children and has a keen eye for identifying underlying medical causes of behaviour change. Over 15 years ago, while working in rescue, Kate brought home her three dogs, Sucre, Papi, and Chinni – Each dog had their own unique struggles and quirks, but Sucre in particular had been rescued from an abusive background and had suffered terribly at the hands of humans. He found life completely overwhelming and initially struggled to leave the house or interact with anyone, human or canine, outside of his safe social circle. Kate desperately wanted to help Sucre. Walks were so stressful and she felt totally out of her depth. Her world was shrinking day by day, as she couldn’t invite people over easily. So, she therefore spent the next 15 years devouring as much information on canine behaviour as she could, and along the way realised that this was fast becoming her life’s work. Kate knew that she wasn’t alone; she had friends with similar struggles with their own dogs, and you needn’t go far to find someone else who is also struggling with the complexities of canine behaviour. She spent a number of years working in veterinary practice as a veterinary nurse, all the while remaining fascinated by the science of behaviour. She would spend weeks in the veterinary hospital and her weekends with her head in a book, researching as she much as she could. When she came to leave the practice to raise her children, Kate decided that this was the right time to take the leap into her true passion of canine behaviour and training. At this point, she decided to become officially qualified and opted for the IMDT as the largest and most well-respected training organisation in the UK. IMDT trainers are expected to pass a rigorous and challenging two-day assessment process to gain membership and Kate is proud to have passed with distinction. She has also successfully passed the IMDT training, motivation and reinforcement six-month written correspondence course, again with distinction. Kate is an accredited dog trainer through the Dog Training College, having passed their tough interview and review process. She is also a certified family dog mediator, puppy training and canine body language specialist, a Kids Around Dogs approved professional, and a reactivity specialist. Meanwhile, dog training unfortunately is a completely unregulated industry and anyone can call themselves a dog trainer or even a behaviourist. Education is sadly optional in this industry, but Good as Golden takes its responsibility and commitment to formal learning very seriously, with Kate committed to investing in ongoing industry-recognised training to ensure her knowledge is always as up-to-date as possible. She is currently undertaking the School of Canine Science Behaviour Bible, as well as a Level 6 degree in Canine Behaviour with the Dogenius. As dog training is based on science and science is ever-evolving, Good as Golden is morally obligated to stay on top of the ever-flowing stream of knowledge on canine behaviour! Kate now hopes to continue spreading her message by working with schools to keep children and dogs safe together. There have been a number of sad stories in the press lately that have prompted her to take action and share more with the public on canine body language and simple steps that empower parents to ensure safe environments for all members of the household. Company: Good as Golden Dog Training Contact: Kate Bond Email: [email protected] Website:

Page 14 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Being the only stand-alone centre for canine wellness and daycare on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia, Fetch n Fun has made a name for itself with its offering of one of a kind services and exceptional customer service. It thinks of its clients as its family in many ways, with each of them becoming pivotal parts of what makes the business one of the most trusted doggie daycare establishments in the region. Nominally, it has earned the goodwill of clients from families to single pet owners – people from all walks of life who are united by their love of their dogs – and is proud to say that the faith these people have in it has helped it to grow to the exceptional centre it is over the last 3 years. Many of these clients become long term friends of the business, and go on to recommend it to family, friends, and peers, aiding it in becoming bigger, better, and able to bring yet more furry friends into the fold. Fundamentally, its promise is to ‘unleash happiness’ in a client’s pets, keeping them safe, happy, entertained, and helping them become well-adjusted pups, with the hard work of their dedicated and empathetic staff, each of whom love animals and have been specifically hired for their experience, kind and caring attitude. Having kept pups of all ages, breeds, With a state of art facility, and staff with a true talent for excellent canine care, Fetch n Fun Wellness & Daycare centre based out of Arundel on the Gold Coast, has made itself a diamond of its industry. Trusted, supported, and applauded by its clients for the incredible and holistic pet care it provides, its customers know that they are leaving their fluffy family friends in the most capable of hands, and that they’ll come back having had the most amazing time partaking in everything from spa time, water play, enrichment activities, training and absolute love and care. Apr22132 Fetch n Fun Best Doggy Daycare 2022 - QLD and temperaments safe and happy for years, it has been on a quest to improve the wellbeing standards of doggy daycare as an industry by leading by example. Thus, its canine care includes the largest off leash daycare rooms in the region, ensuring your pup has space to play, coupled with its extensive outside exercise play area, it’s a daycare your pup will be pulling you into everyday! It understands the worry that leaving a pet anywhere unfamiliar can illicit in both owners and pets alike, and so its staff are more than happy to do what they can to assuage fears. Giving them all the considerate, comprehensive, and easily understood information they need to make the most informed decision, the owner can expect standards befitting the only multi awardwinning doggy day-care on the Gold Coast. An owner can book their pup in for many wellness services including massage and reiki to acupuncture and red-light therapy, or for grooming salon and spa options, exclusive only to its daycare clients. Permanent clients can also take advantage of the original and amazing Play n Stay programme that allows clients to leave their precious pooches with the trusted Fetch n Fun staff whilst they’re on holiday for extended periods. Fetch n Fun even regularly help their local community and animal groups with free daycare and donation drives, showing their love and commitment to the welfare of animals. The Fetch n Fun management team acknowledge the struggles that owners have gone through over the pandemic; due to this, it wishes to help pet owners new and experienced to bring their pets joy and assist with training to help all pups be socialised and help pup parents be the best pack leaders they can be. Fetch n Fun Wellness & Daycare takes pride in the role they play in your and your pups lives, and continues to be a shining light in the industry, growing to become the much sort after daycare spot for your pup on the Gold Coast due to its expert canine care. Company: Fetch n Fun Contact: Cherie Lopez Website: Page 15 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services There’s no canine that doesn’t love to run, jump and chase things, but when it does, it deserves a premier product. Hyperflite is the best in the business when it comes to flying discs for canines, with their toys equally at home in your backyard, at a local park, or in the World Championships. In this special edition of LUXlife, focused on the Pet Products and Services Awards 2022, we thought it the right time to take a closer look at what your pooch plays with. Hyperflite Best Throwing Disc Dog Toy Brand 2022 Apr22194 When the team at Hyperflite talk about working at the highest possible level, they know exactly what they’re talking about. Founders Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry are both former World Champions with their dogs and Hall of Fame members, co-founder Greg Perry was a long-time Ultimate player for Chain Lightning of Atlanta and newest arrival Laura Guadarrama joined Hyperflite after competing with her Border Collie in her home country of Mexico. All four team members are passionate about one thing: making your canine chum as happy as possible. To the untrained eye, one throwing disc is much like any other, but to man’s best friend, the world has moved on. Existing flying disc manufacturers simply haven’t kept up with the possibilities presented to them. Hyperflite was created to change that. It offers a level of innovation unparalleled throughout the industry, supporting the evolving abilities of the modern canine athlete, and having fun with it too! The team are proud to state that they’ve not just changed how people see the throwing disc, they’ve reinvented it entirely. In the last twenty years, the Hyperflite team have innumerable industry firsts to their names. They have created the first patented canine competition disc design (K-10), the first punctureresistant canine competition disc (Jawz), the first cold-weather competition disc (FrostBite), the first small-dog competition disc (Pup), the first soft and flexible competition disc (SofFlite), the first glow-in-the-dark/color-changing punctureresistant disc (Jawz Fuzzion). It’s a list that doesn’t just go on, it’s ongoing. The future for Hyperflite is bright indeed, with three new disc models ready for release the moment that materials/manpower becomes available. These new models will take the form of the Alpha (9” / 25.4 cm) for very big dogs and the Macro (5” / 12.7 cm) and Nano (4” / 10.2) for super small dogs. Truly, they offer something for everyone – no dog is left behind! It’s not enough simply to offer new innovations to the market, however. A core part of the success of Hyperflite has come from the founder’s excitement about sharing what they love with other people. To this end, Hyperflite has become a name which is intrinsically linked with the growth of the sport. Both Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry offer international clinics and seminars at no cost, with a free downloadable training guide that is currently available in seven languages. The team’s hard work has seen the Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship grow from an event that lasted three hours, containing 12 US competitors, in two divisions to an event that runs nearly a week-long, with over 1,000 competitive entries from all over the world. Since 2000, they have added MicroDog, Youth, and Pairs divisions, as well as numerous competitive events like Xtreme Distance to their list of events. None of this would have been possible without the sterling efforts of this talented team. When looking to the future, it pays to know what things were like in the past. From the incredible experiences of the Hyperflite team has come something very special indeed. Needless to say, their passion, not only for their product, but for the sport as a whole, is crucial to their success. It’s why Hyperflite is one of the most highly regarded names in the industry, and why you should turn to them for your flying disc needs. Company: Hyperflite Name: Peter Bloeme Email: [email protected] Web Address: SI NCE 2000

Page 16 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services We all want the best for our pets – be it the healthiest food, the most entertaining toys, or the softest bedding. So, why miss out on their exercise? Everyone knows that pets – especially dogs – need a great amount of exercise, not only for their physical health, but also for their mental health. However, in a fast-paced world, where life often gets in the way, this can be difficult. Placing your pet’s wellbeing in other people’s hands may sound unaffordable, unrealistic, or untrustworthy, but The Dog Walker, Wetherby, is a company that subverts these stereotypes. Indeed, The Dog Walker is a multi-awardwinning pet care specialist that primarily works with cats and dogs. It offers a range of dog-walking and home boarding services to clients who cannot walk their dogs themselves, typically due to work, travel, or ill health. Henceforth, The Dog Walker has established itself as a trustworthy organisation that has reputation, longevity, experience, and knowledge on its side. As such, customers are able to wholeheartedly trust the company to enter their homes, collect, walk, or provide care to their animals. The Dog Walker strives to provide the best possible service to each of its customers, as it understands that being reliable and going the extra mile will set it apart from its competitors. Moreover, it ensures loyalty and continued business as a consequence of its strong work ethic. This devotion to its business has meant that The Dog Walker has worked long hours, covered out of hours emergencies, and provided relief when clients have been locked out of their homes, and much more. Ultimately, however, the company’s greatest trait is its love for animals. Trustworthy dog walking and home boarding services can be hard to find. However, The Dog Walker, based in Wetherby, is a leading dog walking business that has earned the trust of thousands of clients. Over the next year, the company will be devoting itself to revamping its services in the wake of the pandemic. Apr22148 The DogWalker Wetherby Most Trusted Dog Walking Business - Yorkshire Richie Barlow, the founder, takes great pride in his ability to select excellent team members. After all, his team not only represent the company, but they also represent him, his image, and his reputation. The Dog Walker’s ethos is pet-centric and customer oriented, with their needs being paramount to the company’s success and future growth. ‘There are many in our industry that fail to recognise this vital importance and for a business in our industry, if you ignore the vitals, you won’t last long,’ Barlow comments. The Dog Walker’s team consistently displays an ability to self-manage, remain focussed, and display excellent client-service. Moreover, many of its team members boast an impressive skillset and a range of backgrounds in the animal service industry. For example, The Dog Walker’s Silsden & Ilkley franchisee once served as an RSPCA director for the North of England. This is the typical standard that The Dog Walker searches for when recruiting new team members – they must possess the relevant experience and also the right attitude. This is imperative in an industry centred around animals. Barlow continues, ‘we always risk-assess before starting a walk to ensure no livestock are in the location, for example, or to ensure our teams are mindful when walking dogs in an area that may be frequented by horse riders, joggers, hikers etc.’ It takes these hazards incredibly seriously, as it needs to keep its clients’ animals safe. In the event that The Dog Walker encounters these issues, it often turns around and heads elsewhere, if it is able. ‘We don’t walk in places where it’s dangerous,’ he emphasises. The Covid-19 pandemic saw an influx of clients for The Dog Walker, as many acquired new pets during this period. This has been extremely beneficial for the company, as the turbulent period saw a loss of business and, therefore, income. Its home boarding sector has perhaps taken the greatest hit, due to the reduction in holidays. Outside of the pandemic, one of the most recent challenges that the company has faced is that of dog thefts throughout the local area. In turn, the company has invested in premium security technology, including bodycams. Despite these challenges, the company is heading towards a bright future. Now that lockdowns and restrictions are being relaxed, the company is preparing for a natural explosion in business. It has now cultivated a plan to support its home boarding services in light of the pandemic, which will support the company through any future challenges. Contact: Richie Barlow Company: The Dog Walker Wetherby Web Address: