Pet Products & Services Awards 2022 Page 25 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Pet ownership is on the rise, and pet owners are looking for the very best for their pedigree pals. Whilst only opening their doors during the pandemic, the team from smith&burton have made a name for themselves as the go-to team for luxurious canine grooming products. Their success in the Pet Products and Services Awards made us think it was the right time to dig a little deeper and find out more. SMITH&BURTON Best Eco-Luxury Dog Grooming Brand 2022 – APAC Apr22701 How well should we treat our pets? To the team at smith&burton, nothing less than exceptionally is the answer. Their naturally effective health, beauty and wellness canine grooming range has set the standard when it comes to looking after your prize pooch. With treatments focused purely on a dog’s wellbeing, the team use plant-based blends to create stunning results. The philosophy of the company, since its inception, has been to combine the best that nature has to offer with knowledge-based science. Local native bioactive ingredients such as Kawkawa Leaf Extract, Kowhai Extract, Pohutakawa Extract, and New Zealand Manuka Honey form the spine of the impressive range of products on offer. The heart of the brand, however, is unconditional love. It is with this that the team aim to respect nature and utilise science to create products that are the best a dog can get, without compromise. Pet owners can rest easy knowing that whilst this team pushes into bold new territory, it does so with your dog’s best interests at heart. This impressive level of trust is why so many turn to the team, and why they recommend their products to their friends. The proven power of these antioxidant-packed, nutrient-rich ingredients has transformed many an animal’s skin and coat condition. Worn and dowdy coats have been revitalised, left smelling clean and warm, with a lustre that has to be seen to be believed. It’s little wonder that this luxury range has gained much acclaim within New Zealand and become an ambassador for the country to the world at large. Just two years after starting the business, smith&burton has been licensed and approved to carry the prestigious FernMark symbol of New Zealand When the team opened their doors, they didn’t just want to offer people pet products without parallel. They wanted to raise the very standard of the industry itself. They have achieved this not simply through sterling results, but through a commitment to transparency, to the use of plant-based ingredients as far as possible, the sensitivity to a dog’s superior sense of smell and to crafting products that are made in New Zealand with love. Their approach has ensured exceptionalism in every respect The future seems bright for this talented company because the team see innovation as the beating heart of how they operate. It’s not enough to simply produce products, they must fill a specific need, with highly effective, unique formulations that cannot be found anywhere else. The rapid growth of the last two years shows no sign of slowing down any time soon with distributor contracts in many new countries demonstrating the international appeal of their products. smith&burton stands out from the crowd as an innovator, a pioneer and as a brand which has only just gotten started. With so much potential as yet untapped, we’re sure that this incredible team will continue to gain awards for their luxury products for many years to come. Company: SMITH&BURTON Name: Sonya Berrigan Email: [email protected] Web Address: