Pet Products & Services Awards 2023

Pet Products & Services Awards 2023

Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: LUXlife Magazine’s highly anticipated Pet Products and Services Awards have returned in 2023 to celebrate the heroes that help us to care for our furry, feathered, and scaly companions! Pets are increasingly becoming additional members of the family, and as we spend more time with them, we realise that their needs are as important as our own! Pet owners are more focused than ever on nurturing their extra family members’ health and wellbeing, ensuring that they live long and happy lives. It’s the least we can do considering that animals undoubtedly provide significant benefits to our own mental health and wellbeing. Whether looking for functional foods and supplements made with natural ingredients; toys and accessories for entertainment; or grooming products and services, pet owners are constantly seeking the means to help their pets look and feel amazing! Pet owners’ enthusiasm for catering to these needs has meant that the global Pet Care Industry is worth US$280 billion as of 2022, with market projections estimating its value to reach US$550 billion by 2032. Welcome to the Pet Products & Services Awards 2023

4. Brazen Dobermans: Most Reputable Doberman Breeder 2023 (USA): Tammy Mills 6. Love Louie Ltd: Best Bespoke Cat & Dog Subscription Boxes eTailer 2023 - UK 8. Nose to Trail: Clinical Animal Behaviourist of the Year 2023 (UK): Rachel Rodgers 9. Tail Chasers: Best Dog Leash Accessory Brand 2023 - USA 10. Messy Paws Club Ltd: Best Dog Care Service 2023 - London 11. Royal Pets, Hotel and Enrichment: Best Luxury Pet Boarding 2023 - Ontario 12. Kernow Cat Hotel: Best Luxury Cat Hotel 2023 - South West England 13. Battlers Green Veterinary Centre: Most Innovative Veterinary Facility 2023 - Hertfordshire 14. Vet Times Jobs: Leading Veterinary Job Board Platform 2023 - UK 15. PaleoPet Pure: Best Raw Pet Food Manufacturer -South Africa 16. Charli & Coco: Best Luxury Pet Boutique 2023 - New Zealand 17. Good as Golden Dog Training: Best Online Dog Training Provider 2023 Contents 18. Vet Seekers Ltd: Best Veterinary Recruitment Agency 2023 - UK 19. Skylark Vets Limited: Best Traditional Veterinary Clinic 2023 - Kent & Customer Service Excellence Award 2023 20. The Pooches Playhouse: Most Trusted Dog Daycare & Boarding Facility 2023 – Ontario 22. iLoveMy.Pet: Best Online Dog Gift Marketplace 2023 23. Stray Haven: Best Animal Shelter & Care Facility 2023 - Northeast USA 24. Diamond Dogs of Dacorum Pet Services: Best Emerging Dog Boarding & Daycare Service Provider 2023 - Hertfordshire 25. Paws Fur Life: Best Canine Massage Service 2023 – Singapore & LUX Award for Holistic Canine Care 26. Bell Boy Services: Best Luxury Dog Sitting Service 2023 - Ile de France 27. Centre Barks: Best Dog & Cat Boarding Enterprise 2023 - County Durham 28. Lucky Tails Alpaca Farm: Best Alpaca & Donkey Experiences 2023 - Warwickshire

Jun22596 4 | LUXlife Magazine Most Reputable Doberman Breeder 2023 (USA): Tammy Mills Based in Washington, Tammy Mills, Owner of Brazen Dobermans, has been breeding quality Dobermans since 2012, providing her customers with strong, protective, loving, and loyal canine companions. She is dedicated to breeding happy, healthy Dobermans and giving them the best possible start to life with their new families. When clients invest in purchasing a puppy through Brazen Dobermans, a reputable breeder, they can trust that they will have a great experience from the very beginning. Initially created using various breeds including the Rottweiler, Pinscher, Manchester Terrier, and later the Greyhound, the Doberman is a medium to large sized dog that is strong, muscular, elegant, and loyal. Bred to live in the home and protect their beloved family, they are known to be loyal, alert, and intelligent. Despite their innate instinct to guard, the Doberman is highly adaptable and can thrive in a social environment. They tend to be very friendly and outgoing but can protect their family and home if required. Having bred German Shepherds in the early 90s and many other animals over the last almost 35 years, Tammy is an experienced breeder and veterinary technician. She has experience with many different breeds of dog, but the regal, strong, impressive, loving, gentle, and loyal Doberman captured her heart and became her life’s passion. Today, she owns Brazen Dobermans, a reputable company that breeds top quality puppies, which she runs in her free time alongside her fulltime job. While the Doberman is a largely healthy breed, it is important that breeders carry out all the necessary and recommended health tests to minimise risk for the puppies. Brazen Dobermans makes sure to DNA test all sires and dams for genetic health risk, along with Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and Holter testing with a 24-hour echocardiogram. These tests are useful for identifying potential problems and providing solutions before they get worse, often preventing the issue altogether. Currently breeding the large and bold European bloodlines of Doberman, Tammy has spent years searching for the best quality and

Pet Products & Services Awards 2023 | 5 healthiest bloodlines. Tammy does not believe in breeding out bad genetics, instead she believes that there should be good genetics from the very beginning. She has travelled across the country and imported from Europe to find the most suitable dogs, purchasing those that are guaranteed to have clean lines. She maintains an incredibly high standard for the DNA testing of all her dams and sires. She will not breed from a dog that does not meet these standards. As well as delivering healthy puppies, Tammy believes in facilitating the best start between the puppy and their new family by ensuring they are ready for their transition to the home. All of her puppies are exposed to many different environments in their first eight weeks of life, ensuring they are equipped with the skills they need to thrive in the future. The puppies are sent to their new home with high levels of confidence, having been socialised with people of all ages since birth. Additionally, when they go to live with their new owner, they are already equipped with the foundations of basic training. Change can be hard for puppies; when they are put in a new environment, they can suffer from separation anxiety. At Brazen Dobermans, all puppies are crate trained from birth. A crate can serve as a valuable space in which puppies are able to feel safe, secure, and at ease. When the puppy sees their crate as familiar and comforting, their new owner is less likely to experience long restless nights listening to them cry. As well as this, owners are less likely to reinforce bad habits by comforting their puppy during the night. The puppies often fit so well into their new home that their owners return to Tammy to purchase another Doberman for their family. As well as this, many people enquire about purchasing a puppy from Brazen Dobermans on recommendation, after falling in love with a friend or family member’s dog. This speaks volumes about the quality, temperament, and training of the puppies it sells. At Brazen Dobermans, the dogs and puppies all live in The Brazen Den, a homely indoor kennel with luxurious indoor resting quarters. The kennel features comfort cots with indoor heating and secure indoor and outdoor access. It is a clean, wellmaintained, and healthy environment for dogs of any age to stay in and any person to visit. The Den’s facilities have recently been expanded to better accommodate the number of dogs it houses, with an additional extra large birthing suite and a new interactive puppy nursery. The nursery allows puppies to learn to think and engage early in their lives, which makes them easier to train later on. From birth, all puppies are properly groomed, vaccinated, and dewormed every two weeks. Additionally, before sale, Brazen Dobermans ensures all puppies’ tails are docked and that dew claws are removed. As a result of the healthy, happy puppies she provides, all of which are well-equipped for the best possible start to life with their forever families, Tammy Mills has won Most Reputable Doberman Breeder in the Pet Products and Services Awards 2023. Having recently added new bloodlines, Brazen Dobermans now also offers puppies with red and rust fur as well as black and rust, which is an exciting development for the company. We congratulate Tammy on her success in winning this award and wish her the best of luck going forward. Contact Details Contact: Tammy Mills Company: Brazen Dobermans Web Address:

Jun22596 6 | LUXlife Magazine Love Louie is a pet subscription service that is 100% bespoke and filled with variety to keep your best friend’s interest. Based on the needs of the mischievous wirehaired Dachshund, Louie, who loves his toys and treats but becomes bored quite easily, this family business developed in 2018 from the desire to provide Louie with more choice in his daily routine. After having a baby and being on maternity leave with her new family member, and the naughty sausage dog, Founder Amy Frankcom had had the idea of pet subscription boxes for quite some time. “I decided to take the big step to push this idea that I had for a little while – to provide the highest quality boxes for pets using items that we would be happy to give to our own pets, all tried and tested by our own pets, if they didn’t like something it didn’t get added to the box!” she enthuses. “We went through a lot of toys and treats; Louie thought he’d won the lottery on the majority of days!” From humble beginnings working in her dining room and making 20 boxes a month at the table, to providing more than 4,000 boxes a month and becoming a huge success in the pet business industry, Amy has worked hard to build her company. At the end of 2020, she decided to expand even further and included rabbits in the mix – working with animal behaviour experts to make it an inclusive brand for owners and their pets of all kinds. With a key focus on providing only the highest quality products that have been personally tried and tested (predominantly by Louie!), an item doesn’t get included if it doesn’t make the cut! From top brands such as Kong and Beco, there is always something for pets to enjoy. There are many different subscriptions and services to choose from, with one-off and monthly subscription boxes for dogs, cats, and rabbits, and containing a minimum of five of the highest quality items in every box. There are also bespoke boxes too, created specifically with your pet in mind. “We will design each box to the needs, likes, and dislikes of every pet to ensure its best suited to them and nothing is wasted, ensuring the best value for money,” Amy elaborates. “We also guarantee savings on the RRP compared to buying the items separately online or in a pet shop.” Apr23151 Best Bespoke Cat & Dog Subscription Boxes eTailer 2023 - UK Over the last few years, monthly subscription boxes have become big business. From beauty treats to food, and from wine to clothing, we can literally have a personalised box delivered to us on a regular basis bursting with some of our favourite things. But what about our loyal companions? We speak to Amy Frankcom, Owner and Founder of Love Louie, and learn more about the exciting world of pet subscription boxes. There is even a completely sustainable box for dogs and cats made in conjunction with Agria Pet Insurance and The Kennel Club, which is designed to help outweigh the carbon ‘pawprint’ of pets! This box is made up of recycled and sustainable materials and products, including toys made of recycled plastic bottles and other materials, bags of treats with compostable packaging, and even the box is fully reusable and recyclable! “This box is most definitely one of a kind,” says Amy. “Our focus was complete sustainability using only sustainable items wherever

Pet Products & Services Awards 2023 | 7 animal charities which is done by donating 10% of every sale to a charity of the buyer’s choice at the checkout, as well as additional fundraising activities too. Love Louie works closely with many well-known companies and organisations and has built close partnerships. For example, animal rescues both locally and abroad, receive donations and an additional form of income for them by providing boxes to sell onto their supporters, which helps them to continue the incredible work. Plus, Love Louis works with holiday companies too, providing boxes for dogs and their owners to enjoy whilst on vacation. These companies include Canine Cottages, Original Cottages, and “We love seeing all of the photos of pets enjoying their boxes whilst on holiday, really including them as part of the family,” Amy says. The firm also has partnerships with pet insurance companies working closely with them to provide welcome boxes for new and existing renewal customers and recently had promotional boxes at Crufts with its partner, Agria Pet Insurance. “Having our boxes advertised at the biggest dog show in the world was something we will treasure forever and be so proud of.” Despite its incredible success and growth in only five years, there have been challenging times, as with any new start-up, and Amy tells us that throughout the life of the business she has had to adapt with speed and confidence, especially throughout Covid. “We literally developed a new Lockdown box overnight,” she exclaims. “Providing pets and their owners with boxes including products which provided the mental stimulation that they needed to cope with the sudden, and sometimes unsettling, time of having their owners around constantly and the change of routine. Also, to keep them busy and occupied during the many Zoom calls!” The lockdown box was, unsurprisingly, a huge success and is just one of the many things which contributed to Love Louie being awarded Best Pet Care Business 2022 by the England Business Awards where there was tough competition against more than 20,000 other companies. More recently, Love Louie has triumphed once again by being recognised in the Pet Products and Services Awards 2023 and bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Best Bespoke Cat & Dog Subscription Boxes eTailer 2023 – UK. Now, as the future beckons, Amy has further developments for Love Louie including expanding her knowledge and learning about new and exciting products to ensure she stays true to her core family values. “We are so grateful for every order,” she states passionately. “It still gives us butterflies now like it did five years ago! We will continue to strive to be the best we can for the pets and owners of the nation supplying only the best as well as raising as much money as we can to continue to help animal charities.” Contact: Amy Frankcom Company: Love Louie Ltd Web Address: possible, so compostable packaging and sustainable treats for dogs such as insect treats! We’re trying to look after the planet as much as we can.” As a family-run business, Love Louie has family values at its core with a total care and compassion for every box made and every customer that chooses the service to make a special gift for their pet. The firm also believes in giving back to society too, and has a devotion to raising as much money as possible for animal rescues all over the world. So far, more than £30,000 has been raised for various

8 | LUXlife Magazine Clinical Animal Behaviourist of the Year 2023 (UK): Rachel Rodgers Based in Nantwich, East Cheshire, Nose to Trail offers multi award winning pet behaviour services that help dogs overcome behaviour issues such as reactivity and separation anxiety. Owned by Rachel Rodgers MSc, an experienced Clinical Animal Behaviourist, the company has successfully supported many dog owners through tailor-made plans that enable them to transform their dog’s behaviour and improve their quality of life. With a master’s degree in applied animal behaviour and welfare, Rachel Rodgers is an accredited dog trainer with the Professional Academy of Canine Trainers (PACT), who specialises in working with small dogs and using scent work techniques like man trailing and pet trailing to help dogs overcome various behavioural challenges. Nose to Trail is part of the Canine School of Trailing, an organisation established by Rachel and co-founder Marilyn Gilchrist. Trained by Markus Burkhardt from Austria, Rachel and Marilyn are two of only a handful of dog trainers with the speciality of pet trail training in the UK. Pet trailing is where a team, usually owner and dog, are trained to find a “missing” pet by following their unique scent trail, while man trailing is where they are trained to find a human. Trailing activities have huge benefits for all dogs, especially shy and anxious ones. They strengthen the bond between owner and dog, build self-confidence and motivation, and release dopamine, the feelgood neurochemical. “Scent work is key for dogs, who experience the world through their noses rather than their eyes. Sniffing releases dopamine, lowers the dog’s heart rate and blood pressure and generally helps to calm and relax them,” Rachel explains. “The type of dogs who may benefit are those struggling with difficulties like separation anxiety, sound phobias, reactivity (barking, lunging, and pulling on the lead) as well as other fear and anxiety-based conditions.” While many clients at Nose to Trail take part in trailing as a fun game of hide and seek to improve behaviour, Rachel’s dog Rico has successfully found a missing dog, which resulted in him becoming a finalist of the Super Dog Awards! Nose to Trail is the first UK-based APBC registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist to specialise in using pet trailing techniques to help dogs overcome their issues. This means its services are unique and in demand. At the end of 2022, the company launched an online membership, which allows dog owners to access Rachel’s wealth of training knowledge and experience from anywhere in the world. This means that even those who are not local to Rachel can benefit from her expertise. For £25 a month, or £250 a year, online members receive a number of benefits. Firstly, they can attend monthly live Q&A sessions and coffee mornings in which they can ask Rachel their training and behaviour questions. As well as this, they can access regular training videos to follow with their dog, a back catalogue of useful training and behaviour webinars, and a training library of helpful handouts. The membership also comes with great perks like members only discounts, the chance to be the prestigious Member of the Month, and more! Those interested are invited to email info@ for a free sample resource. Through her vastly knowledgeable, helpful, and tailored services, Rachel has helped many people witness positive improvements in their dog’s behaviour and confidence. This is demonstrated by the plethora of five-star reviews Nose to Trail has received on Google, which frequently praise her patience and understanding. Many are thrilled to have noticed that their dog is more relaxed, happy, and at ease following their training with Rachel and her team. Considering this, it is no surprise that Rachel has won yet another award, having been named Clinical Animal Behaviourist of the Year in the Pet Products and Services Awards 2023. We congratulate her on this success and look forward to seeing what the future holds for Nose to Trail! Contact: Rachel Rodgers Company: Nose to Trail Web Address:

Pet Products & Services Awards 2023 | 9 Tail Chasers is a company who offer a truly unique dog leash accessory in the form of the Spleash – a handle that attaches to a leash for the purpose of safely and easily transporting water. As it has a super built in delivery system, it means pets can always benefit from a drink whilst on the go, whether that be walking in the park, running on the beach or hiking in the mountains. Best Dog Leash Accessory Brand 2023 - USA News and Pet Pals TV. It has also been covered by Today, Trendhunter, Huffpost and Gadgetgram. Its patented design is a big hit with customers too, whose five-star reviews rave about the product. Customers love the way their dogs can access a drink at the park, on a hike or at the beach. It stops pets drinking from unsanitary puddle water, and also doubles up as a cleaning device if they have been playing in the dirt. Tail Chasers has won Best Dog Leash Accessory Brand 2023 – USA for its innovative new accessory Spleash. Next up, it plans to take the award-winning pet water delivery system even further, with hopes of appearing on the hit TV programme Shark Tank. It also plans to attend several industry conferences later in the year, including the Pet Health Expo coming up this summer in Los Angeles. So, onwards and upwards for Tail Chasers it seems, which is great news as it’s a fabulous company with a terrific product to boot. Contact: Kerry Cooke Company: Tail Chasers Web Address: ail Chasers is a company that wants to achieve the very best for pet dogs and their humans, with its intelligently designed products, and dedication to the pet community. Its amazing new product Spleash offers a solution to the problem of keeping dogs hydrated while on the go in a simple and super-usable manner. Spleash is a handle that can be attached to your favourite leash, holding 12 oz of water, and making the problem of a thirsty pet on a walk a thing of the past. Within the pet sector the vertical solution to the problem has always been to carry filled bottles and collapsible bowls, or some other bottle/bowl combination, which can end up feeling clunky and cluttered. Tail Chasers wanted to create something altogether different. A true all-in-one that attaches directly to your leash and creatively solves the dehydration dilemma. The company is a real family affair as it is run by a mother and daughter, who work together to achieve their goals. They collaborate as creative equals in a partnership that has seen them embrace listening to one another and being honest. They have found this the best path to a clean and functional working relationship, whether that be working on product design, or alongside pet influencers. Tail Chasers has happily utilised social media marketing as a promotion tool for its products. As far as Spleash goes, not only does it solve the problem of dehydration in beloved pets, but it also helps provide support to therapy animals. The mother/daughter combo felt it was important to assign a portion of all proceeds from sales to Pet Partners, an organisation that helps to train such animals. This organisation is dedicated to promoting the positive, life transforming effects of human-animal bonds. Pet Partners helps with animal assistance for a variety of clients including veterans suffering from PTSD, senior citizens living with Alzheimer’s, patients in recovery, victims testifying in court, and children with disabilities. The charity is close to the hearts of Tail Chasers, who have had personal experience of the services, and seen the good therapy animals can provide to vulnerable people. Within the pet sector, Tail Chasers is aware that it fulfils a very specific niche. The refillable Spleash handle, with the built in drinking bowl, is a blessing for thirsty dogs at the park, but where it truly shines is with its ability to spray water to at least 14 feet. This way it can be used to both rehydrate and cool a hot pet down. Spleash has been featured on NBC T

10 | LUXlife Magazine en years ago, Alberto began Messy Paws in Chiswick, where he provided professional and reliable dog walking services to local residents. As an animal lover who had always wanted a dog of his own, getting to work with them was a dream come true. During this time, he gained experience with dogs of many different breeds, backgrounds, and temperaments, which allowed him to not only walk dogs but also train them and encourage good behaviour. By giving valuable advice to his clients and being flexible to their needs, he was able to expand the business to three different boroughs through word of mouth alone. “Our customer base is very varied, from young professionals to busy families or senior people who aren’t able to exercise their loyal companion any longer,” Alberto explains. “All of them praise our help looking after their best friend, focusing on socialisation, safe play, and good discipline.” Having evolved from dog walking to day care, the services provided by Messy Paws have been adapted to suit the needs of its customers over the years. For example, after lockdown, many people needed their dogs to be taken care of for longer periods of time. A lot of dogs had also developed dependency and socialisation issues from their owners being at home for so long. For this reason, Messy Paws decided to focus Best Dog Care Service 2023 - London Based in West London, Messy Paws Club Ltd. is a professional dog care service that provides safe and fun care, exercise, and walks for dogs with an emphasis on play, exploration, good behaviour, and socialisation. With Messy Paws, clients can trust that their dogs will be tired and happy by the end of the day! Here, we speak to Alberto Balbuena Novoa, Founder and Owner of Messy Paws, about his company and its services. on its day care service so that it could spend more time with the dogs and help them get back to normality. Today, Messy Paws offers regular services, where many of the same dogs meet every day and bond with each other. They go on walks in the country rather than in busy local parks, enabling them to experience new scents and explore new areas. Day care has become very popular for city dogs, which is why lots of new companies have started to offer this service. Messy Paws strives to deliver the best and highest standards in the industry in order to stay ahead of its competitors. As Messy Paws has grown over the years, it has faced challenges in keeping its standards high. Going from a one-man business to a team of professionals, Alberto has strived to hire people with new ideas and personalities but the same love and passion for animal care, ensuring his team are united by a common interest in dogs. New employees must be energetic, responsible, and capable of keeping control of any situations that may arise. Messy Paws encourages staff to support each other. Alberto believes that, when staff love the company and their job, a positive atmosphere is created in the workplace, ensuring the best environment for the dogs. “We consider them not only our staff but also our family,” he comments. “Without them, our business couldn’t be what it is today!” As a result of the high-quality day care services it provides to dog owners across West London, Messy Paws Club Ltd. has been awarded Best Dog Care Service, London, in the Pet Products and Services Awards 2023. In the coming year, Alberto is looking forward to the launch of a new Messy Paws day care facility, which will feature heated indoor areas, relax zones, and outdoor exercise pitches. There, Messy Paws will be able to care for 50 dogs per day, divided into smaller groups depending on their age, energy levels, and compatibility. While the company has always been focused on spending time with the dogs in nature, it believes that this new facility will enhance its offerings. All dogs will still have a long walk in a country park, but they will also be given an individualised stimulation session in play, agility, training reinforcement, and more. The facility will also allow Messy Paws to clean and bath the dogs after muddy days, so that when they return to their owners, they will not only be tired and happy but also clean and ready to relax at home. We congratulate Alberto and his team on their success in the Pet Products and Services Awards and look forward to seeing what the future holds for Messy Paws! Contact: Alberto Balbuena Novoa Company: Messy Paws Club Ltd Web Address: T

Best Luxury Pet Boarding 2023 - Ontario For 42 years The Royal Pets Hotel has provided a luxury boarding facility for dogs and cats in the Barrie and Greater Toronto Area. It is proud to offer superior standards for the furry family members left in its care, providing all the love, protection and safety required for their welfare and happiness. Pets can visit for a long holiday or just a brief spa break at the beautiful 32-acre property. The Royal Pets Hotel is not your traditional boarding kennels. It offers spa facilities for pets including enrichment activities, daycare, training, and grooming. Featuring luxury rooming facilities for both dogs and cats, its fully trained staff specialise in providing love to family pets. It understands the trust it takes to leave the care of a fur baby with someone else, and certainly doesn’t take that trust for granted. It wants to be at the top of the list when people are considering a vacation for their pets, with its five-star services offering both top rate 0quality and peace of mind. Owners can be sure their pets will be enjoying fun filled activities, meeting new friends, and relaxing in the country on their break. He or she will become part of a loving new family whilst their owners are away, which hopefully should enable the holidaying family to be able to fully relax and enjoy themselves too. This is something so much easier to do safe in the knowledge that the beloved family pet is being treated to its very own royal experience. At The Royal Pets Hotel and Spa, they take providing the best dog and cat boarding services, and dog day-care, very seriously. Continuing education is supplied for staff, along with professional training. All staff are themselves pet parents, and have personal knowledge of boarding kennels. They know from bitter experience that not all dog/cat boarding options are created equal, which only makes them even more determined to make sure The Royal Pets Hotel excels in every department. The Royal Pets Hotel sees its goal as providing the safe fun and care family pets both deserve and have become accustomed too. As these days most family pets live in a home where their pack is made up more of people than other dogs/cats, traditional boarding services are no longer appropriate. Instead, loving one-to-one care throughout the day and evening is the order of the day. This is what Royal Pets supplies. Dogs boarding at the hotel are provided with their own canine suite featuring full climate control, and a comfortable raised bed. Calming music is played throughout the hotel, there is a complete maid and laundry service, and an attached outdoor grass porch for their exclusive use. Dogs are given plenty of access to fresh air year-round, with special measures taken to protect the porch areas from snow in the winter months. There are 7 fully fenced play areas to allow for individual play, or pre-approved carefully monitored play dates with canine pals. Dogs can enjoy the games of their preference, or just enjoy a run or roll in the grass. Walks take place along one of the many maintained trails across the 32-acre property, where doggy guests can enjoy exploring the sights, sounds and smells of the forest. Cats have similar plush detailing, with spacious personal suites and heated window seat/beds. Of course, rather than going out for walks on leash, cat visitors are encouraged to explore and satisfy their curiosity outside their rooms, several times a day. The Royal Pets Hotel and Spa maintains one of the highest staffing levels in the industry, ensuring there are always enough hands and hearts on board to deliver the best care available to its visiting dogs and cats. Staff are usually already very experienced within pet healthcare before they join, but ongoing staff training and vocational education is still mandatory for all caregivers and veterinary technicians/supervisors. This ensures the incredible quality at the facility is always maintained. Taking this into account, now The Royal Pets Hotel has been awarded Best Luxury Pet Boarding 2023 – Ontario. Well done to its amazing team for providing such truly outstanding pet services. Its elite facilities, and terrifically caring staff, are undoubtedly well deserving of this special honour. Contact: Jenn Dahinten Company: Royal Pets, Hotel and Enrichment Web Address:

12 | LUXlife Magazine Best Luxury Cat Hotel 2023 - South West England For most pet owners, our furry friends are our most cherished companions, and the thought of leaving them behind whilst we jet off across the globe is often gut-wrenching. How do I know they’re going to be happy? Will they be properly looked after? What if I take them somewhere that doesn’t understand them? Especially for cat owners, whose fabulous felines have a multitude of specific requirements, it can be even more daunting. Thankfully, Kernow Cat Hotel guarantees a luxury experience for cats and owners alike. Situated in the west of Cornwall, merely a stone’s throw from the Cornish coast, and only 10 minutes away from the A30, Kernow Cat Hotel acts as a boarding facility for cats all across the UK. It understands how much our felines matter to us, and therefore provides luxury services that’ll make your furry friend feel like royalty whilst you’re away. Its unmatched facilities and astonishingly convenient location makes it a no-brainer for all of your pet’s boarding needs, and Ruth personally sees to it that every guest in her care is given ample time and attention. Though the majority of Kernow Cat Hotel’s guests originate from the mid to west areas of Cornwall, it’s rapidly gained a star-studded reputation that has enticed a range of seasoned travellers from the likes of Devon, Sussex, London, and more. When your feline arrives at Kernow Cat Hotel, they’ll be met with beautiful grounds and rooms outfitted with everything a cat could ever need. There are no cages or mesh wires – just an overwhelming amount of comfort options for your favourite family member, complimented by facilities fit for a feline of any age. Kernow Cat Hotel understands cats more than anyone else in the area. It recognises their need for stimulation, attention, and comfort, and aims to provide all of this in one luxury package. Its goal is to make your furry friend feel pampered and well provided for, whilst you enjoy a guilt-free trip to any destination of your choosing. And with frequent contact available, Ruth guarantees a service that’ll alleviate all of your anxieties. She strives for only the very best when it comes to your cat, and consistently adapts her facilities to ensure that they exceed expectations. As a result, every cat left in Ruth’s care is a lucky feline indeed. Kernow Cat Hotel provides only the best of the best, from the food, right down to the fine bone china plates that it’s served on. Each of its 12 rooms are fitted with enrichment options, clean litter boxes, comfy beds, and anything else a kitty could need to feel like they’re still at home, and Ruth tirelessly makes time for every guest in her care. She goes out of her way to spend hours upon hours of her time getting to know each individual feline, be it through watching television with them, or participating in interactive playtime. Kernow Cat Hotel’s rooms are the largest within Cornwall, and your cat is certainly going to notice. They’ll have more than enough room to lounge, play, or frolic, and it’s all thanks to Ruth’s thoughtful approach towards everything a cat could ever need. And with endorsements spanning all the way to America, it’s clear that Ruth’s efforts have made an overwhelming impact in the feline boarding facility sphere. Never again will owners need to fret about leaving their beloved cats behind – you can rest easy knowing they’re in brilliant hands. We can’t say enough about Kernow Cat Hotel. As cat lovers, we appreciate the hard work that Ruth is constantly putting in in order to deliver services that are simply incomparable. She loves cats, and it’s an undeniable trait that she pours into everything she does. Kernow Cat Hotel is the perfect place for your feline to spend their holiday, allowing you to enjoy your own with the knowledge that there are no better hands for them to be in. Contact: Ruth Lewis Company: Kernow Cat Hotel Web Address:

Pet Products & Services Awards 2023 | 13 Established in 2019, Battlers Green Veterinary Centre is a forward-thinking independent practice that prioritises the comfort of its patients and their owners. Based in Radlett, South Hertfordshire, the practice prides itself on its personal touch. We speak with practice owner and Head Veterinarian, Jonathan Rubin to find out more. Most Innovative Veterinary Facility 2023 - Hertfordshire Its open, airy reception area has separate areas for dogs and cats and allows anxious pets to have their own space. With state-of-the-art, animal-specific equipment on site, the practice offers a wide range of services including surgery, dental procedures, x-rays, and laboratory testing. Battlers Green Veterinary Centre welcomes clients from Radlett, Borehamwood, Bushey, and Watford. Jonathan says, “As an independent practice, it’s important for us to know every pet and its owner personally. We provide exceptional service with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, value for money and patient comfort and care.” The practice differentiates itself in the market by the depth and breadth of the services it provides. Jonathan explains, “Offering dental radiography allows us to diagnose and treat many conditions missed in practices that do not have a dental X-ray unit. Our high end Ultrasound allows us to diagnose issues not readily picked up with x-rays and we have a cold therapeutic laser. Laser therapy provides a three-prong approach. It reduces pain, reduces inflammation, and speeds up the healing process. We have a comprehensive laboratory on-site that allows us to run many tests in-house too.” The practice doesn’t limit its appetite for technology to just the treatment room either. Embracing social media such as Instagram and Facebook, the team uses the chat facility to keep owners up-to-date with their pets’ progress. Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and the issues experienced by the industry since Brexit, Battlers Green Veterinary Centre has continued to grow in stature. Today, the practice consists of two vets, two registered veterinary nurses, a student nurse, and two receptionists. Jonathan says, “We’re a close-knit team. The work is often fast-paced and demanding. We work at close quarters and it’s vital that we’re able to depend on one another. We rely on mutual respect, trust, and loyalty.” Looking to the future, Battlers Green Veterinary Centre will continue to explore new technologies and expand its range of treatments. We’re excited to see what innovations the growing team will come up with next. Contact: Jonathan Rubin Company: Battlers Green Veterinary Centre Web Address: riginally from Durban, South Africa, Jonathan Rubin moved to the UK 20 years ago. Having studied at the prestigious Onderstepoort Veterinary Faculty at the University of Pretoria, Jonathan spent a couple of years working in mixed practices before deciding to specialise in small animal care. Over the last 18 years, Jonathan has worked with practices and groups across the South East of England. He’s assisted organisations including the RSPCA, PDSA, and Blue Cross and worked in emergency and critical care roles. When deciding to open his own practice, Jonathan had a clear vision of the service he wanted to provide and the type of premises he would need. He tells us, “We chose the site at Battlers Green Farm, as the practice is easy to access and there’s plenty of free on-site parking. We’re part of the Battlers Green Farm community, a collection of independent shops and service providers.” Located in a large converted barn on the farm site, Jonathan designed Battlers Green Veterinary Centre with patient and client comfort in mind. O

14 | LUXlife Magazine inding the right talent for your veterinary practice can be a time-consuming affair at the best of times. With shortages of vets and veterinary nurses in the UK at an all-time high, ensuring your retention and recruitment are on point has never been more critical. Vet Times Jobs has its finger on the pulse of the veterinary recruitment world. The company works hand-in-hand with recruiters and candidates to influence workplace change for the better. Providing recruiter advertising via its market-leading print publications and its online job board, Vet Times Jobs offers its clients five levels of recruitment packages. Starting from a basic Bronze package of 28 days of online advertising, Vet Times Jobs’ flagship product is its Gold Package. This multi-channel, multiphase campaign runs for up to 120 days and incorporates proven marketing tools such as targeted email campaigns and social media posts. Marie says, “Our Gold Package removes the pain points of writing effective adverts, finding the time and learning the skills to attract candidates in this very competitive market. We designed our Gold Package to take the stress and pressure out of the recruitment process. Our clients can take a step back and let us do the hard work for them.” Delivered by qualified veterinary professionals, the team is committed to understanding the exact requirements of each practice. Marie tells us, “At Vet Times Jobs, we pride ourselves on knowing our industry and clients. Listening is a key skill to being able to deliver great results and excellent customer service. Our team focus wholeheartedly on customer service that delivers amazing results. Our main clients are independent and corporate veterinary practices who want to recruit the right people to provide the best service for their customers and their pets.” Using technology to its advantage, Vet Times Jobs uses its proprietary product, People Match, and its Vetfile database to identify suitable candidates for each position. Marie explains, “The people we find via People Match may not be actively looking for a job. But they trust our brand and our people. They tell us what their ideal job would look like and consent for us to get in touch if a match comes up. This sets us apart from any of our competitors. We have the biggest reach in the UK veterinary sector and we’re able to generate amazing responses.” Having built a reputation as an innovator in its field, Vet Times Jobs values include integrity, accountability, inspiration, teamwork, and user focus. Marie says, “This means putting veterinary professionals at the forefront of our operations by listening, understanding, informing, guiding, and providing relevant and up-to-date content. Our staff are Leading Veterinary Job Board Platform 2023 - UK Vet Times Jobs offers a host of recruitment advertising services to busy veterinary practices. The company exists to help veterinary communities to thrive, offering a range of digital and print services, brand exposure, and recruitment opportunities as well as live events. We chat with Head of Sales, Marie O’Callaghan to find out more. Meet the Recruitment Services team David Brown Recruitment Services Executive Sam Parker Recruitment Services Executive Sue Shelton Senior Recruitment Services Executive passionate about helping and supporting our clients and enabling them to achieve their goals.” Looking to the future, Vet Times Jobs will continue to scan the recruitment space and innovate to find the latest and most costeffective ways to reach its audience and support its clients. The company will also be looking to recruit new team members to enable it to support even more candidates and practices. Contact: Marie O'Callaghan Company: Vet Times Jobs Web Address: F

Pet Products & Services Awards 2023 | 15 Best Raw Pet Food Manufacturer - South Africa Feeding pets as nature intended comes with its challenges. But Gauteng-based company, PaleoPet Pure is revolutionising the way our dogs and cats eat. Producing fine-quality raw pet food products, PaleoPet Pure helps savvy owners ensure their pets are happy and well-nourished. We take a look at this forwardthinking company with Managing Director, Founder and Dog’s Body, Isis Limor. If you weren’t around to feed your dog or cat, they would soon revert to eating raw food. And that’s no bad thing. Many traditional pet foods contain processed meat and a wealth of ingredients that no pet would eat in the wild. Often these foods contain only small amounts of protein and healthy fat, being boosted by the addition of synthetic vitamins. As one of the few raw pet food manufacturers to provide complete (not complimentary) nutrition, PaleoPet Pure’s products offer a healthy and viable way to improve the health and longevity of your pets. Isis explains, “We offer a range of raw dog and cat food products to suit almost any pet. We formulate our products to allow precise control of nutrients and minerals. We only use human food-grade ingredients and every meal is formulated to meet nutritional requirements. Our foods are protein specific. Each ingredient list is completely transparent, and owners know precisely what they are feeding their pets. We use the same kinds of ingredients pet owners would buy at their local butcher’s shop.” Although PaleoPet Pure’s products are raw and pure, they’re also easy to store and serve. Designed to defrost and serve, PaleoPet Pure’s raw food comes in handy portion-sized tubs, so you can be sure to feed your pet the very best food with ease. Registered with all the appropriate authorities, the company undergoes regular food safety audits to ensure all products meet the required specifications. Isis says, “Every ingredient is specific, measured, and monitored. We use free-range poultry to ensure our food is free from hormones and antibiotics. Our product comes in convenient packaging formats to suit different size pets, from 1.5-kilo tubs for large dogs to individual 100-gram patties for small and toy dogs. We also offer a delivery service so that customers can order their PaleoPet Pure raw pet food directly to their door.” Supplying customers across South Africa, PaleoPet Pure has developed a system to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment. Isis tells us, “We package our products using recyclable and reusable BPA-free tubs with a cardboard sleeve, which is also fully recyclable. We operate a tub recycling programme where customers can return their tubs to us for reuse. This means we use a lot less plastic.” As well as its classic ranges, PaleoPet Pure has developed its THERAWPY range for animals with specific health concerns such as allergies and kidney problems. The company also caters for animals in different stages of life such as puppies, kittens, and seniors. The close-knit team at PaleoPet Pure has a culture of transparency, respect, and equality, as Isis says, “We put our hearts and our souls into making the best raw pet food we can. We never compromise on our values. We work well together and understand that our success is dependent on every one of us.” PaleoPet Pure continues to work hard to communicate the benefits of raw nutrition to pet owners. Over the coming year, the company will also be putting its energy into further development of its cat food range and refining its product packaging. Contact: Isis Limor Company: PaleoPet Pure Web Address:

16 | LUXlife Magazine Best Luxury Pet Boutique 2023 - New Zealand We all love to pamper our pets, and a good old spoil never hurt anyone. However, sometimes, kitting your fluffy family member out with a little bit of luxury can be something of a dull experience in your run of the mill pet shop. Thankfully, Charli & Coco has developed a wonderfully interactive shopping experience that’s sure to delight both owners and pets alike. It’s redefined what it means to go shopping for your furry friend, and we look into how it’s managed to accomplish such a feat. From clothes, to toys, to bed, to food, Charli & Coco supplies a plethora of products that’re geared towards giving your beloved pet a well deserved pamper. All fur baby owners can agree that spending quality time with our pets is an invaluable experience, and we’d do anything to make it as wonderous as possible. Serving as New Zealand’s go-to for bespoke pet shopping, Charli & Coco has mastered the art of boutique shopping, and demonstrates this through its love for all things luxury. What truly sets Charli & Coco apart from your regular pet shops, however, is its complete dedication towards constructing a pleasurable shopping experience. Whether it’s through supplying high quality products that combine style, utility, and longevity, or infusing the shop with wonderous, pet-friendly scents, it places quality and sustainability above all else. It aims to craft the ultimate pet shopping experience, and does so through each service that it offers. Its customer service is unparalleled, both online and in person, and it’s this passion for both pets and people that makes Charli & Coco truly special. Though it already offers a wide variety of products, another bespoke opportunity that Charli & Coco provides is a personalised, made-to-measure service, courtesy of one of its local companies. So, if owners are looking for unique jackets and tops for their four-legged friends, they’ll receive a service that’s designed specifically for your pet. The sizing will be completely custom, all so dogs with a variety of wonderful body shapes are provided for as equally as any others. Despite opening its doors in 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Charli & Coco didn’t let this hinder its progress towards brilliance. At the time, its flawlessly designed website served as a fantastic avenue for pet owners to gain access to the high-quality products supplied throughout Charli & Coco. Even now, it provides a platform for a larger audience, and gives customers an insight into its carefully selected products. And, with its recent implementation of international shipping via its website, this mother-daughter team is looking to take the world by storm. Of course, its specialised boutique is where the true magic happens. Every product is meticulously chosen with quality in mind and, as a result, Charli & Coco has been able to consistently supply the people of New Zealand with only the best pet products, housed in a boutique shop unlike any other. Its uniqueness lends to its award-winning success, and it’s easy to see how such a lavish setting could provide the best possible pet shop experience for any owner. Charli & Coco is a pet shop that has no competitor within New Zealand. Its attention to detail and eye for luxury makes it a completely unique shopping experience for anyone lucky enough to be able to visit. Every customer, pet or person, is made to feel welcome, cared for, and truly cherished, and it’s thanks to a flawless combination of personalised and impeccable customer service. It’s a boutique that embodies the meaning of the word – it’s luxurious, stylish, and filled to the brim with anything a pet owner could ask for. Charli & Coco really is New Zealand’s best kept secret. Contact: Michelle and Charli Matravers Company: Charli & Coco Web Address: