Pet Products & Services Awards 2023

10 | LUXlife Magazine en years ago, Alberto began Messy Paws in Chiswick, where he provided professional and reliable dog walking services to local residents. As an animal lover who had always wanted a dog of his own, getting to work with them was a dream come true. During this time, he gained experience with dogs of many different breeds, backgrounds, and temperaments, which allowed him to not only walk dogs but also train them and encourage good behaviour. By giving valuable advice to his clients and being flexible to their needs, he was able to expand the business to three different boroughs through word of mouth alone. “Our customer base is very varied, from young professionals to busy families or senior people who aren’t able to exercise their loyal companion any longer,” Alberto explains. “All of them praise our help looking after their best friend, focusing on socialisation, safe play, and good discipline.” Having evolved from dog walking to day care, the services provided by Messy Paws have been adapted to suit the needs of its customers over the years. For example, after lockdown, many people needed their dogs to be taken care of for longer periods of time. A lot of dogs had also developed dependency and socialisation issues from their owners being at home for so long. For this reason, Messy Paws decided to focus Best Dog Care Service 2023 - London Based in West London, Messy Paws Club Ltd. is a professional dog care service that provides safe and fun care, exercise, and walks for dogs with an emphasis on play, exploration, good behaviour, and socialisation. With Messy Paws, clients can trust that their dogs will be tired and happy by the end of the day! Here, we speak to Alberto Balbuena Novoa, Founder and Owner of Messy Paws, about his company and its services. on its day care service so that it could spend more time with the dogs and help them get back to normality. Today, Messy Paws offers regular services, where many of the same dogs meet every day and bond with each other. They go on walks in the country rather than in busy local parks, enabling them to experience new scents and explore new areas. Day care has become very popular for city dogs, which is why lots of new companies have started to offer this service. Messy Paws strives to deliver the best and highest standards in the industry in order to stay ahead of its competitors. As Messy Paws has grown over the years, it has faced challenges in keeping its standards high. Going from a one-man business to a team of professionals, Alberto has strived to hire people with new ideas and personalities but the same love and passion for animal care, ensuring his team are united by a common interest in dogs. New employees must be energetic, responsible, and capable of keeping control of any situations that may arise. Messy Paws encourages staff to support each other. Alberto believes that, when staff love the company and their job, a positive atmosphere is created in the workplace, ensuring the best environment for the dogs. “We consider them not only our staff but also our family,” he comments. “Without them, our business couldn’t be what it is today!” As a result of the high-quality day care services it provides to dog owners across West London, Messy Paws Club Ltd. has been awarded Best Dog Care Service, London, in the Pet Products and Services Awards 2023. In the coming year, Alberto is looking forward to the launch of a new Messy Paws day care facility, which will feature heated indoor areas, relax zones, and outdoor exercise pitches. There, Messy Paws will be able to care for 50 dogs per day, divided into smaller groups depending on their age, energy levels, and compatibility. While the company has always been focused on spending time with the dogs in nature, it believes that this new facility will enhance its offerings. All dogs will still have a long walk in a country park, but they will also be given an individualised stimulation session in play, agility, training reinforcement, and more. The facility will also allow Messy Paws to clean and bath the dogs after muddy days, so that when they return to their owners, they will not only be tired and happy but also clean and ready to relax at home. We congratulate Alberto and his team on their success in the Pet Products and Services Awards and look forward to seeing what the future holds for Messy Paws! Contact: Alberto Balbuena Novoa Company: Messy Paws Club Ltd Web Address: T