Pet Products & Services Awards 2023

Best Animal Shelter & Care Facility 2023 - Northeast USA For over 55 years, Stray Haven has been lending a helping hand to animals in need throughout the entirety of the Northeast of the USA. Founded by Elaine Forkan, whose love for furry and feathered friends ran deep enough to compel her to save them from the streets, Stray Haven has since marked a complete shift in the rehoming sphere. It dedicates its all towards partnering animals with their forever homes, and we explore how one woman’s noble deed redefined what it means to rescue an animal. After recognising that the laws at the time resulted in the deaths of thousands of homeless animals due to a severe lack of shelters, Elaine set out to correct this injustice. She couldn’t bear the thought of dogs and cats alike having their lives taken away before they were given a chance, and therefore founded Stray Haven as a solution. 55 years later, it’s still upholding its founder’s wishes, and has been consistently protecting animals across the Northeast of the USA. In adhering to its initial mission, Stray Haven deploys a strict no-kill policy throughout its shelter. It focuses on saving lives, not condemning them, and offers everything an animal could need in order to thrive until they manage to find their forever homes. This is achieved through an overwhelmingly loving staff force that places the needs of each animal at the forefront of everything it does, partnered with exceptional veterinary care and an admirable fostering scheme. Additionally, Stray Haven has dedicated itself to providing a multitude of other services, each tailored towards guaranteeing the wellbeing of both animals and their adopters. From adoption services, help with behavioural issues, and a pet food pantry, to vaccinations and low-cost veterinary services, Stray Haven gives its all to those who need it the most. It tirelessly seeks to do everything for every animal in its care, and will stop at nothing to help find the perfect person for them. And, to prevent more street bound animals and unnecessary suffering, Stray Haven also supplies The Spay Neuter Save Network, a service that treats roughly 600 animals annually. As a result, it limits the amount of animals who could be subjected to negligent and excessive breeding, giving these furry friends a guaranteed quality of life that only serves to help them on their road to receiving the utmost care and attention. Stray Haven believes that giving back to the community, and supporting any adopters in giving their new pets everything they could ever need at affordable prices, is of the utmost importance. It goes out of its way to establish a close-knit community that’s centered around the love for all manner of animals, and has never once ceased in its mission to make the transition into an animal’s new life as seamless as possible. Previous adopters express how they choose Stray Haven because of its helpful and caring nature, which only solidifies the dedication that it presents throughout every aspect of its work. Sadly, it’s quite common for animals to be treated as an afterthought, and it’s how so many end up on the streets. Especially when costs are constantly rising, some owners opt to leave their furry friends behind to fend for themselves, which opens an avenue for misery and suffering on a monumental scale. Thankfully, Stray Haven is devoted towards rescuing every animal it possibly can, and seeks to find them the life that they deserve. Its goals are beyond virtuous, and, as animal lovers, we can’t praise this spectacular shelter enough. We’re incredibly proud to present Stray Haven with this prestigious award, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for this experienced, animal loving organisation. Contact: Sarah Hogan Company: Stray Haven Web Address: