Pet Products & Services Awards 2023

Jun22596 6 | LUXlife Magazine Love Louie is a pet subscription service that is 100% bespoke and filled with variety to keep your best friend’s interest. Based on the needs of the mischievous wirehaired Dachshund, Louie, who loves his toys and treats but becomes bored quite easily, this family business developed in 2018 from the desire to provide Louie with more choice in his daily routine. After having a baby and being on maternity leave with her new family member, and the naughty sausage dog, Founder Amy Frankcom had had the idea of pet subscription boxes for quite some time. “I decided to take the big step to push this idea that I had for a little while – to provide the highest quality boxes for pets using items that we would be happy to give to our own pets, all tried and tested by our own pets, if they didn’t like something it didn’t get added to the box!” she enthuses. “We went through a lot of toys and treats; Louie thought he’d won the lottery on the majority of days!” From humble beginnings working in her dining room and making 20 boxes a month at the table, to providing more than 4,000 boxes a month and becoming a huge success in the pet business industry, Amy has worked hard to build her company. At the end of 2020, she decided to expand even further and included rabbits in the mix – working with animal behaviour experts to make it an inclusive brand for owners and their pets of all kinds. With a key focus on providing only the highest quality products that have been personally tried and tested (predominantly by Louie!), an item doesn’t get included if it doesn’t make the cut! From top brands such as Kong and Beco, there is always something for pets to enjoy. There are many different subscriptions and services to choose from, with one-off and monthly subscription boxes for dogs, cats, and rabbits, and containing a minimum of five of the highest quality items in every box. There are also bespoke boxes too, created specifically with your pet in mind. “We will design each box to the needs, likes, and dislikes of every pet to ensure its best suited to them and nothing is wasted, ensuring the best value for money,” Amy elaborates. “We also guarantee savings on the RRP compared to buying the items separately online or in a pet shop.” Apr23151 Best Bespoke Cat & Dog Subscription Boxes eTailer 2023 - UK Over the last few years, monthly subscription boxes have become big business. From beauty treats to food, and from wine to clothing, we can literally have a personalised box delivered to us on a regular basis bursting with some of our favourite things. But what about our loyal companions? We speak to Amy Frankcom, Owner and Founder of Love Louie, and learn more about the exciting world of pet subscription boxes. There is even a completely sustainable box for dogs and cats made in conjunction with Agria Pet Insurance and The Kennel Club, which is designed to help outweigh the carbon ‘pawprint’ of pets! This box is made up of recycled and sustainable materials and products, including toys made of recycled plastic bottles and other materials, bags of treats with compostable packaging, and even the box is fully reusable and recyclable! “This box is most definitely one of a kind,” says Amy. “Our focus was complete sustainability using only sustainable items wherever