Pet Products & Services Awards Packages 2024

About Us Introduction LUXlife is delighted to announce the return of the Pet Products and Services Awards 2024 for its seventh consecutive year! This highly esteemed awards programme is designed to recognize and honour the most outstanding businesses in the pet products and services industry. These spotlight the creativity, dedication, and innovation of companies and individuals who strive to enhance the lives of pets and their owners. Organised by LUXlife, the Pet Products and Services Awards 2024 targets a diverse group of professionals and businesses within the pet industry, including manufacturers, service providers, retailers, and innovators. Whether they are established industry giants, emerging startups, or passionate individuals making a difference, these awards provide a platform for showcasing their achievements and contributions to the pet sector. In 2024, the pet industry is seeing several innovative trends. CBD supplements, personalised nutrition plans, advanced pet tracking technology, sustainable toys, and pet probiotics are gaining prominence. Mobile pet businesses, such as mobile groomers and dog gyms, are on the rise reflecting a shift towards convenience. The pet supplement industry is booming, with forecasts predicting a value of circa £800 million by 2027, driven by products like dog vitamins and pet probiotics. Additionally, luxury pet homes, robot litter boxes, and specialised pet services like pet sitting and grooming are becoming increasingly popular. Known for recognizing excellence in various industries, LUXlife are proud to organise these awards, to be able to acknowledge the transformative efforts and innovations in the pet products and services sector.