2018 Designer Awards

12 LUX - 2018 Designer Awards Established in 2016, Darkhorse Lightworks is a young firm dedicated to providing innovative solutions that meet the needs of their clients, as Dawn highlights. “Here at Darkhorse Lightworks, we develop schematic and conceptual designs, visualizations, provide specifications, budget management services, design development documents and construction details. Our lighting control systems design services include specifications and user interface coordination. We also provide construction administration services to oversee the programming of lighting control systems and insure the user experience meets the owner’s expectation. “Importantly, we understand that competing in today’s corporate environment requires more than creativity. There are a variety of companies Darkhorse Lightworks, LLC provides full-service architectural lighting design and theatre consulting services to commercial, educational, retail, hospitality, entertainment and municipal markets. We invited Dawn Hollingsworth to tell us more about the firm and the range of services it provides. promoting lighting design services in association with product sales, but as an independent lighting design firm we provide a level of expertise dedicated solely to the architect and project owner’s interests. We strive to go beyond sustainable practice with a holistic approach. Light is an important element in revealing architecture and makes an important contribution to the overall health and wellbeing of the users in the spaces we design.” As illustrated, adapting to the ever-evolving lighting market is a key priority at Darkhorse Lightworks. In her concluding comments Dawn discusses how this will remain a priority as the company looks to build upon its current success. “Moving forward, our plans for the future include a focus on internal professional growth and education. As a boutique firm, we are drawn to projects where the owner has a commitment to the benefits of a quality lighting system and the health of the occupants. Lighting systems should be a priority as legacy technologies are replaced by LED systems and light facilitates more than just vision. Darkhorse is committed to supporting and promoting the WELL Building Standard™ by creating projects that support occupant well-being. “Within our industry, maintenance will be a greater challenge in the future for building owners as LED technology improves. The Internet of Things will continue to grow along with long-term savings and health benefits from daylighting and lighting control strategies. It will become important for owners to have professional assistance in determining appropriate options for their projects. As such, we are positioning Darkhorse Lightworks to respond to these future opportunities.” Best Architectural Lighting Design Company - California Company: Darkhorse Lightworks, LLC Contact: Dawn Hollingsworth, CLD, LC, FIALD WELL AP Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 14541 Sylvan Street, Suite 105, Van Nuys, California, 91411, USA Phone: 001 818 514-2272 x201 Website: www.darkhorselightworks.com Best Architectural Lighting Design Company - California DES18009

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