2018 Designer Awards

LUX - 2018 Designer Awards 13 Drawing on the firm’s vast experience in the industry, LFA undertakes a range of projects for visionary architects and developers, as well as discerning homeowners. Vincent explores the firm’s focus on creating unique new designs every time and how it achieves this. “Here at LFA, our mission is to share our unique vision of purposeful design. That means looking at each project with fresh eyes, and not simply following the conventions of what a space needs to be. To achieve this, each day we pause to absorb new products from around the world. This is both inspiring and keeps us sharp. We are fond of surfboard design, automotive, fashion and food, all of which have a strong influence on our vision.” LFA Lighting Design is a full-service, craft-driven architectural lighting design firm specializing in bespoke residential, unique office spaces, experiential retail and mixed-use developments. We invited Vincent Tarango to tell us more about the firm. As a small, independent firm, LFA relies heavily on these outside influences to ensure it is always creating truly unique, innovative solutions, which is why its base in California is an excellent space to find inspiration, as Vincent highlights. “As LFA is headquartered in Ventura, California we are positioned perfectly between Los Angeles, Ojai and Santa Barbara. We can just as easily pull from urban, country or luxury residential design influences. Having the ability to jump into these markets without losing ourselves in the trends is key to staying relevant and also lets us bring sophisticated design ideas back to our area and shape the local landscape. It has also given us the opportunity to work on a range of truly exceptional projects including Platform - Culver City, and the Annex Market – Oxnard.” Looking ahead, LFA has another exciting project in store to add to its already vast portfolio, which will provide the company with opportunities to grow its knowledge and experience, as Vincent concludes. “Moving forward we are very excited to collaborate on the renovation of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. This historic museum is over 100 years old and features diverse dioramas of local flora and fauna. The project has a state of the art lighting and controls system allowing the museum design team to tune color temperature and intensity in each exhibit vitrine to create a rich and dynamic experience. “Alongside this exciting project, we will also be celebrating our five-year anniversary shortly, and are looking forward to a bright and exciting future.” Best Lighting Design Firm - California Company: LFA Lighting Design Contact: Vincent Tarango Address: 2140 Eastman Ave. #103, Ventura, California, 93003, USA Phone: +1 805 491 4875 x 101 Website: www.lfadesign.com Best Lighting Design Firm - California DES18011 : i ti i t t: i t : t . , t , lif i , , : it : .lf i . L F A L I G H T I N G D E S I G N Photo: Nico Marques Architect: Abramson Teiger Architects Photo: Nico Marques Architect: Abramson Teiger Architects Photo: Thang Truong Photo: Thang Truong Photo: Shea Properties

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