2018 Designer Awards

14 LUX - 2018 Designer Awards Since 1997 Lichtvision Design and Lichtvision Engineering have collaborated with architects, investors and operators on small projects to large developments, acting as independent consultants in all aspects of lighting design and creating design oriented solutions which are innovative, sustainable and people based. Planning and successfully completing towering lighting projects requires a broad spectrum of expertise ranging from daylighting and artificial lighting to visual media and controls. As such, Lichtvision harmonizes artistic vision with practical experience, integrating creativity and technical prowess with science and common sense. Lighting designers, architects, industrial designers, interior designers and engineers work together as a team to implement solutions worldwide. The staff at Lichtvision is an independent lighting design practice based in Berlin, Hong Kong and London with projects spread over Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. We profile this innovative and dynamic firm to find out more. Lichtvision are multicultural and provide skills in more than ten different languages. The firm counts on a highly communicative and collaborative design process and brings international standards to every project, regardless of the scale. Terminal 4 of Changi Airport in Singapore has been one recent flagship projects realized by the firm, in cooperation with Benoy. It opened in October 2017 and provided the rare opportunity to develop a lighting scheme for natural and artificial lighting together, from the first concept sketches through to completion. The highest emphasis was placed on visual comfort, guidance and creating a sense of place, characteristic for Singapore’s local context. The launch of the cruise ship AIDAperla marked another project highlight for Lichtvision in summer 2017. She is the latest ship of the AIDA fleet Lichtvision designed. Lighting is critical on board these vessels, creating relaxing atmosphere, setting tone and mood while enhancing functionality. More than 1,000 individually adjustable luminaire groups enable precise illumination day or night, for any occasion. The entire lighting concept maximizes energy savings and safety with sustainable, low maintenance components. Overall, the future looks bright for Lichtvision, with projects like the Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid, Spain in collaboration with gmp, the Icone Tower in Manila, Philippines with Henning Larsen and being in the loop for a high end residential and hospitality resort in the Asia Pacific region. All of these projects offer the firm exciting opportunities to build upon its current success and knowledge. Best Global Architectural Lighting Design Firm Company: Lichtvision Design Contact: Matthias Walitza Based in: Berlin | Hong Kong | London Website: www.lichtvision.com Best Global Architectural Lighting Design Firm DES18006 TERMINAL 4 CHANGI AIRPORT SINGAPORE Artificial Lighting & Daylighting Client: CAG Changi Airport Group Architect: SAA Architects, Benoy Image: CAG Changi Airport Group October 2017

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