2018 Designer Awards

LUX - 2018 Designer Awards 19 Established in 1985 and founded by Angelo Gallo, Statum Designs is a leader in the design and manufacturing industry, with the team behind its success ensuring a continued focus on product quality and continuing to exceed client expectations. Throughout the company, under the management of Stephanie Gallo, the team designs, builds and distributes furniture from its location in Toronto. Working with a diverse client base, the firm caters to customers which range from large departments stores with exclusive collections, to independent boutique style stores, and even highly customised designs for interior designers and their clients. Furthermore, adding to its portfolio, the company also have a sub-category for the commercial and hospitality industries, satisfying a range of clients in these areas. Placing a firm emphasis on putting the client first, the firm’s aim is to deliver a high-quality service unrivalled by its competitors. Working towards this goal, staff at Statum Designs have a vision of building Statum Designs Inc. is a leading Canadian furniture manufacturer dedicated to creating innovative designs. We profile the reputable firm, as we look to explore the secrets behind its ongoing success and expert products. fantastic furniture with integrity. Proud of its origins, the team believe that its furniture being ‘Made in Canada’ is important to the ethos and reputation of the firm. It is the versatility and adaptability of Statum Designs which helps it to uphold its sterling reputation. Operating in an ever evolving environment such as the design and manufacturing sector, employees at Statum Designs must work hard to keep on top of any upcoming developments. Being innovative and creative, the firm are constantly developing and experimenting with new colours and shapes. Leading the direction of Statum Designs and developing its team is Creative Director Stephanie. Well-travelled, Stephanie finds inspiration within Toronto and further afield. Previously, many considered industry trade shows as the source of inspiration for designers, as they worked with new materials and examined new concepts, however, now Stephanie is always exploring and taking photos of her findings, which she reverts back to on occasions when starting new designs. Whether it be artwork, fashion, or a unique find at an antique market she is visually aware of her surroundings, and is constantly reinterpreting her findings to be applied to furniture designing and textile buying. Moreover, Stephanie and the team are more than happy to embrace any feedback they receive, understanding thaat knowledgeable customers sometimes want to put their own spin on their designs. Getting to know the customers’ requirements and understanding their desired outcome is the company’s main approach to delivering the best service. Collaborating with the client, there may be differing opinions but the team at Statum Designs explore every avenue before providing an alternative to a design that sometimes may not be reached. The company’s customer satisfaction levels are of a high level, and this can be attributed to the fact that clients feel part of the process. With the design industry becoming increasingly competitive and developing at a rapid rate, there are many external influences which are having an impact on the market. In demand currently is metal incorporated furniture, with metal legs and bases. At Statum Designs, Stephanie and the team have adapted, providing this commonly requested furniture. Offering this range of solutions provides clients with choice and flexibility, enabling the team to work with them to create something truly unique for their home. Creating and working with innovative and exciting brands is an aspect which has contributed greatly to the success of Statum Designs. The company collaborated with Blue Bell Gray, a brand which is all about fresh, uplifting and modern prints, which add joy and colour to any home. Working on a collection of furniture with Blue Bell Gray, based in the UK, Fiona Douglas water paints vivid floral designs. These fresh and playful patterns have been transferred onto textiles suitable for upholstery and then get made into very unique furniture one-of-a kind pieces. The Blue Bell Gray furniture collection developed will be exclusively sold through department store, Hudson’s Bay located across Canada beginning in Spring of 2018. Hudson’s Bay maintains its reputation as Canada’s top shopping destination for all categories including home fashions. Moving forward, there are exciting times ahead for Statum Designs. Buoyed by the success of its recent collection for Blue Bell Gray, the firm will continue to deliver quality and excellence which is unmatched throughout the industry. Capitalising on its recent achievements and ongoing success, Stephanie and the team are working harder to make the Statum Designs name even bigger, growing its knowledge and expertise and aiming to become the leader in the market. Best Quality Furniture Manufacturer - Canada Company: Statum Designs Inc Contact: Stephanie Gallo Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 180 Norelco Dr., Toronto, ON, M9L 1S4, Canada Phone: 001 416 740 4010 (EXT 225) Web Address: www.statumdesigns.com Photography by: www.fuel-content.com | Furniture Design by: www.bluebellgray.com | Available at: www.thebay.com Angelo Gallo, President & Stephanie Gallo, Creative Director Stephanie Gallo, Creative Director Best Quality Furniture Manufacturer - Canada DES18013

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