2018 Designer Awards

LUX - 2018 Designer Awards 5 J.Y. Lighting Design works alongside architects on a range of projects of all sixes to create lighting solutions that combine functionality with aesthetic beauty to create unique designs. James is eager to showcase on of the firm’s recent projects and explore how it produced solutions which met the clients’ needs and exceeded their expectations. “In 2002, J.Y. Lighting Design joined Hong Kong development business team to conduct the lighting design of Xian’s Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Xian boasts a vast cultural and historic heritage. Besides the historical remains of Terracotta soldiers, there is the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, which, standing on the ground for about 1,300 years has a great historical background and status in terms of architecture. To spur Xian’s rising business activities and preserve historical sites, Xian’s government planned a space of dozens of acres, named The Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Plaza. With perseverance of historical architecture and J.Y. Lighting Design is a Taiwanese firm that works on a wide range of projects for residential, commercial and public sector clients. We invited James Yuan to talk us through the firm and the range of services it offers. the imitation of historic architecture core priorities, we rebuilt the commercial street and Tang Poetry Garden Square, which surrounding a water dancing plaza made of nine water fountains. As for the interior of the water fountain, we installed LEDs underneath the water, next to the Terracotta Warriors’ formation. “Thanks to our work, during the day the ripples of water reflect daylight clouds; at night, LEDs light up slightly from the bottom of the fountain. The majestic disposition of troops adds historical glory to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. It was our pleasure to participate in such historical architectural preservation and the rebuilding of surroundings and the successful spur of sightseeing commercial opportunities letting citizens respect for historic relics. We believe that the power of monuments will last. The inheriting of old to new will be the power for humans to move forward and will prove the truth that advanced technology and historical legacies do not violate each other.” Looking ahead, despite the various advances that the industry has made in technology, James firmly believes that beauty will be the lasting trend, and as such he and his team at JY Lighting Design Consultants will continue to create stunning projects as they look towards a bright future, as he is proud to conclude. “Overall, as a lighting designer, we must continue to adapt around the latest developments in lighting technology whilst at the same time understanding that often, these are only passing trends. Backgrounds such aesthetics, buildings, and visual arts are also beneficial to development and designing, and will continue to remain our focus first and foremost as we seek to undertake even more projects and work with more clients to produce lighting designs which are true works of art.” Best Lighting Design Studio - Northern Taiwan Company: JY Lighting Design Consultants Contact: James Yuan Address: Neihu District, Lane 659, Taipei, Section 11F-5, Taiwan, Province Of China Phone: 00886 2 87 524 091 Best Lighting Design Studio - Northern Taiwan DES18018

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