2018 Designer Awards

6 LUX - 2018 Designer Awards At Lightmoment, the team believe that light is not an element just to achieve functional brightness, but represents time sequence, create scenery and influence on human beings. Light is a vehicle, seeking to create a better moment for people that would appeal to one’s emotion and comfortableness. As such, the firm manage light politely and respectfully, providing best atmosphere at certain time, place and people. This innovative Tokyo based lighting design firm cooperate with designers and clients in the same glance but not just that, lighting designer should Lightmoment Inc. is a creative Japanese firm that designs unique concepts to integrate light into pre-existing spaces. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the technqiues it has employed to achieve the success it enjoys today. have customer view-point and think of how the client would like to spend time in a particular space, seeking to build relation among place, objects and people. The method of light varies how people feel, and as such the firm analyse the space, exploring its different uses; who, when, where and what, to create best lighting environment. Managed by Lighting Designer, Lighting Consultant and CEO Keigo Tanaka, Lightmoment draws on his vast experience to ensure excellence for clients. Keigo earned his bachelor’s degree from Tokai University in the field of Architectural engineering. His scope of design and planning experiences range widely from commercial spaces such as restaurants and bars, retails and hotels and also architectural spaces such as high-rise office buildings, mixed-use shopping centers, factory and residences. It was Keigo who drove the firm to its philosophy of light as more than just a tool for brightness, and moving forward he will continue to showcase this approach as Lightmoment seeks to build upon its current success and work on an even wider variety of projects. Best Commercial Lighting Design Studio - Tokyo & Japanese Hotel Lighting Project of the Year: Ocean Terrace Hotel & Wedding Company: Lightmoment Inc Contact: Keigo Tanaka Contact Email: [email protected] Address: #307 4 Chome-13-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052, Japan Phone: 0081 36435 5492 Web Address: www.lightmoment.jp Best Commercial Lighting Design Studio - Tokyo DES18015 Interior design: DESIGN POST Junpei Yamagiwa | Photographer: ad hoc Daisuke Shima

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