2018 Designer Awards

8 LUX - 2018 Designer Awards Best Full Stack Designer 2018 - North America Best Full Stack Designer 2018 - North America does the photography and production, as well as having a number of other skills that are involved in delivering the total project. As a writer Anthony invented “Binge Publishing” that is to the publishing market what full stack design is to the design industry. “Binge Publishing” is a Multi Platform Interactive (MPI) that brings together all the elements of writing books; the story published in either paperback or eBook format, as well as creating and selecting music, art, photos, e-commerce, micro stories, websites, blogs, interactive podcasts, movies and even games. Anthony discusses this innovation There are writers who do not design and designers that do not write. Then there is Anthony Phills the best “full stack designer” and a visual storyteller. A full stack designer is able to master a range of skills that can be used independently to complete a design or product development. Anthony is a phenomenon although he is shy to admit it. As he talks about his capabilities, a list that is unbelievable, he explains his creative process. He can build a basic project concept and complete the entire parts of the design and develop related works. He produces wireframes/prototypes design and visual design and the front coding. Anthony’s creativity knows no bounds. He also writes, and how he came to develop it, alongside a number of other unique solutions for his newfound focus in publishing. “Over the past few years I have been focusing on innovations for the field of self-publishing. Many people do not know I am the designer Adobe selected to work on the alpha K2 now known as InDesign. This new platform drove me to explore the publishing market. Since then I have developed a number of concepts, including creating the first Digital Business Publication for the Caribbean, called CariComm. One of the features in the magazine is the ability to switch Anthony Phills has done work for major corporations such as the Hilton World Wide, working on their Digital Key and other hospitality services through his boutique firm, Maxwell Design LLC. Anthony talks to us through his work as well as his move into design consultancy and publishing. Company: Maxwell Design LLC Contact: Anthony Phills Contact Email: [email protected] Location: Los Angeles, Toronto, Trinidad and Tobago Phone: 001 (919) 972-8669 Web Address: http://Phills.com Twitter: @anthonyphills Instagram: @anthonyphills

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