2018 Designer Awards

LUX - 2018 Designer Awards 9 DES18005 between languages by double tapping on the screen as you are reading an article. Using InDesign’s capabilities as a springboard I created “30InThirty” – a unique micro-story delivery platform. http://bit.ly/30inThirty. This program delivers and unlocks one story a day for the reader. The stories are less than 200 words but could also include videos, audio or another language. Just double tap on the screen and it switches from the original language to English. The other use of “30InThirty” could be useful in the political field. Candidates could use this program to talk about issues with an extra added and most coveted feature, the ability to determine ratings and polling facts. The development of a lot of my earlier work became the platform for “Binge Publishing” and the creation of my latest project, “On The Edge of Knight.” This short story trilogy was all published simultaneously featuring the first black Bond character named, “Tony Knight.” “Knight is a jaded intelligence asset with a fondness for booze and a weakness for women. A gripping and spellbinding must-read adventure blazes on the scene. It is a dark story that should be read with the lights on. You will experience a new journey in book publishing.” Working with Phills on the music for Knight was Navid Lancaster. Lancaster is a respected musician, music producer, as well as CEO of LANCAST, a company that develops jingles, music and film sound tracks. The music was designed to augment the reading experience. The reader was immersed in the story and the music created the atmosphere. Podcasts and tapes were featured on KAAOS Radio. (https:// KaaosRadio.com) Tony Knight is currently one of Anthony’s key focuses, and his overall aim is to build the character into an international brand. Anthony is eager to emphasize, “My overall mission is to make this character into a global brand as Knight leaps from mobile applications to the big screen.” “Fundamentally, I feel that I set trends within a market, as I am learning to have a bigger voice and talk more about what I do. People can see my work and get to experience my world. From getting my first patent I knew my visions and capabilities were different then other designers.” Looking ahead, Anthony has a number of exciting projects coming up that will help drive him towards inventing and enhancing his skills even further. He is proud to conclude, “There isn’t a day that goes by where an idea pops into my head that doesn’t excite me.” Alongside his personal projects, Anthony also runs the design firm, Maxwell Design LLC that is best described as a boutique firm. Drawing my vast experience with aviation and along with my business partner, LeShawn Taylor from the aviation industry, they are working on a new service, VAL-A, for the aviation industry. A prototype should be ready by Q2 of 2018 that promises to turn aviation upside down and spinning. Most recently, Anthony has started helping those who do God’s work in the field of Kids with Autism and Special Needs. My client is preparing to launch a very important series of services starting with the product focused on scheduling. The idea and lessons learned from aviation scheduling was brought back to the team in order to provide a much-needed solution to a problem that plague that market. “The design industry is becoming focused on templates in a way that reminds me of when desktop publishing came into existence and a secretary could produce a newsletter. Design quality dropped until the grid design came into use so an untrained person without graphic ability could actually make a good- looking document. Now the same thing is happening with the web. Wordpress is coming out with better templates. It should not come as a surprise that I might just start designing a few of my own Wordpress templates.” “Regarding publishing, I will also be delivering a new game based on my character Tony Knight and I have also signed my first client for my Binge Publishing business. All of these developments will provide me with great opportunities, and I look forward to taking advantage of them.” Check out the landing page for the new fantasy novel I will be publishing: “Hiraeth World” http://hiraethworld.com . Hopefully, it will help people fill the void in their reading as Game of Thrones comes to its end. “On occasion I do take time to stop to smell the roses. The difference is I will take those moments and turn them into something meaningful to share with the world. Anthony Phills has created an entirely new orbital path around the planet earth. He created a unique and creative storytelling media platform and remained true to his belief…”Aim for the sun and if you land on Jupiter you’re still ahead.”