2018 Hairdressing Awards

12 LUX - 2018 Hairdressing Awards Rusk Anti Curl Products - Review Rusk remains on the cutting edge with their treatment and styling products by using effective ingredients and novel textures. Because of this they are known to have innovative products that stylists and consumers love. In response to the in-salon keratin straightening craze, Rusk has delivered two safe, formaldehyde free treatments that offer incredible straightening and smoothing results for 2 to 4 months. Two treatments are currently available. The first treatment, Rusk AntiCurl AntiFrizz is a 30 minute two-part service that removes frizz and improves softness and smoothness in the hair. It offers intense conditioning and extreme shine and makes the hair dry and style frizz and flyaway free. This Kellilynn Marie, in-house pro at BeautyStopOnline.com and a professional cosmetologist, talks us through the latest rusk anti curl products and how they can be used to create stunning styles. Rusk Anti Curl Products - Review 2 treatment is for those with curly or wavy hair who want to remove frizz while still maintaining their natural curl/wave patterns. For those who wish to relax their wave or curl, there is Rusk Radical AntiCurl Kerashine. This is a deep conditioning treatment that actually alters the curl patterns in the hair to straighten the hair while also removing frizz, building strength and improving shine. AntiCurl Kerashine also has anti-humectant properties, so it will help the hair resist frizz when exposed to moisture or humidity. Three options are available depending on the hair type. The original formula is for permed or naturally curly hair, The Multi-Dimensional Formula is best for highlighted or tinted hair, and the Resistant Formula is ideal for coarse hair that can be resistant to straightening treatments. All formulas are two-part and take way less time than most salon straightening treatments. The patented technology behind these products is the use of a plant protein blend that has the same amino acid composition as Keratin, which is found in human hair. These proteins are of low molecular weight, so they are able to penetrate into the hair shaft to strengthen and moisturize from the inside out. Bond re-arrangers help to alter the curl patters as static-fighting conditioners control frizz and impart amazing silkiness and shine. Overall, Rusk AntiCurl products are clearly a dream-come true for anyone with frizzy, unruly, hard-to-manage hair.

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