2018 Hairdressing Awards

LUX - 2018 Hairdressing Awards 15 has two colour degree specialists within the salon who are an asset to the business. The salon is also renowned for its Indian head massage service, which is complimentary to all clients on each visit. The salon’s shampoo area has reclining chairs to ensure comfort for clients whilst they enjoy this luxurious and indulgent service. Additionally, the Orange Room has a specialized clinic for hair loss and wigs, called Escape, situated above the salon, and the team pride themselves in providing a relaxing and comfortable environment for clients to discuss this highly sensitive subject. With hairdressing primarily led by fashion, the team at the Orange Room work hard to ensure that they are trend at all times. Staff are kept up to date by constantly using social media, such as Facebook and Instagram to explore the styles that the latest influencers are offing and adapt to changing trends. Through its work with Loreal the salon has product launches every season and Loreal keep the Orange Room up to date on latest colour techniques and trends. The latest trend currently is express highlighting which is covered in all the latest fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle and Red. The Orange Room has recently started offering this service to ensure that it meets its clients’ needs. Testimony to the level of excellence that the salon offers is the fact that it only accepts clients by appointment. This ensures that there are never any delays and highlights the popularity of its services. Quality is the ultimate goal at the Orange Room, and as such staff are retrained on a regular basis. Top artists and business leaders visit the salon regularly to ensure that staff are performing to the very highest possible standards, so clients can rest assured that they are truly incredible hands when they trust their hair to the Orange Room. Looking to the future, the Orange Room has a very bright future ahead as it aims to build upon its current success and continue to offer clients a truly exceptional level of service and support. The team are always looking for opportunities to excel in the hairdressing industry and continue to be involved in competitions, fashion shoots, and bridal fairs in order to showcase their skills. As part of its drive towards continued excellence, moving forward the salon is keen to offer its own season collections this year and bring the salon to a new level. To achieve this, the Orange Room already has training in place for the year with top artists booked to ensure the team stay focused, motivated and, most importantly, enjoy what we do so that they can continue providing clients with truly exceptional service and innovative styles that help them stand out from the crowd.