2018 Hairdressing Awards

LUX - 2018 Hairdressing Awards 17 suit everyone and we work closely with our clients to meet their needs not just in terms of appearance, but also price. As such, we work with a wide variety of clients.” Providing such an important service to this myriad of clients means offering a truly exceptional level of customer service. As such, it is no wonder that Dionne is eager to discuss Studio Seven50’s commitment to excellence. “Any client of mine knows that they are taken care of thoroughly from the moment they enquire, right through to their maintenance fitting. All enquiries are followed up within two hours and clients who require hair must book a ‘Colour & Measure Consultation’ before they can order hair. As all hair is customised, it is imperative that an in-depth consultation is given. The client is immediately put into the booking system where they receive reminders of all their appointments with us and a monthly newsletter with all new updates and announcements. “A follow-up email is sent after every appointment asking for feedback and any issues are dealt with promptly and free of charge. In the two years, I have been running this company, my clients have pushed my business forward by giving me feedback about the hair and the service. This has led to better hair suppliers, better attachments and a wider range of services. The best thing a business can do is listen to their audience.” To remain at the forefront of the latest industry developments Dionne and her team enjoy working with their industry peers to create unique looks for clients, as she highlights. “Collaborations are a great way to keep up with the industry and how other people are adapting to it. As we specialise in hair extensions and not hair styling per se; I work with on-trend Instagram and YouTube influencers whose job it is to keep up with these trends. Australian stylist Braiding By Hannah and SweetHearts Hair found Beth Belshaw are two of the influential braiding stylists working their magic with our Russian hair extensions. “Fundamentally, we offer predominantly a restoring service so although we always keep up with the developments of the industry, we are fortunate enough to know that as long as we maintain a high quality product; we never go out of style. The way the industry has embraced braids and big hair into their DNA is also something that will always work in our favour. We can offer help with the length and thickness that these Instagram hairstyles require.” Looking to the future, Dionne is keen to outline Studioseven50’s exciting future developments, all of which revolve around the response company continuing to offer clients the very highest standards of service and innovative products that meet their needs. “Ultimately, Russian Slavic hair is truly the staple product for us now and the important aims for 2018 is to grow our pool of reliable Slavic hair producers. We are introducing custom made clip-in extensions using our handmade wefts and our wholesale pricelist for salons will be ready for the New Year. This exciting development will mean that salons in the UK can use our pool of suppliers to bring a new level of quality to their clients without any minimum orders. It can be difficult for stylists and salons to bring this level of quality into the UK without having to order by the kilo. Our established Russian connections will open up new business opportunities for all who want to provide better quality hair.”