2018 Hairdressing Awards

LUX - 2018 Hairdressing Awards 5 “The very things I am known for professionally now, terrified me in the beginning. It’s gratifying to be sought out for services and expertise that were developed from facing my fears. To be anything in life, to live your passion, you have to be willing to face these head on.” This mantra of expanding the willingness to try new things is signature to the Tribez culture. Even the sumptuous, over-the-top decor for which each of the four salons are known, envelopes guests in the anticipation that something extraordinary is about to happen. Alongside Jessie, watching the tribe of Specialists work is both mesmerizing and masterful. Hair color is strategically applied to accentuate best features and add an unexpected glow. Depth and fullness to fine hair is adeptly-created with an application of custom-blended extensions or meticulous movement of a razor’s edge. The options are endless, the task exacting, and the outcome dependent upon on a showmanship orchestration

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