2018 Hairdressing Awards

LUX - 2018 Hairdressing Awards 7 The icing of working in a highly collaborative and growth-motivating culture in the day-to-day is the opportunity to share her expertise with the rest of the world. As a Mastered Program professional, Jessie is a sought-after participant in world-renowned fashion experiences, recently collaborating with the experts from Oribe, working backstage in styling the world’s top models for New York’s Fashion Week. When asked about some of the experiences she has enjoyed most, Jessie delights in talking about her beloved brides who seek her out as Bridal Specialist, flying her to exotic destinations around the world to ensure that the most important detail—bringing calm and beauty to the bride—is achieved within the context of the stress and flurry surrounding a high profile, VIP wedding day. With all that Jessie has achieved there is still a sense that there is so much more to be accomplished. Those who know her well tell the story of a woman who is chronically noticing everything. Camera in hand she is taking pictures, from every angle, of the breathtaking heads of hair that have benefitted from her touch. These images are integral to the “what’s next” for the woman with the insatiable appetite for creating. “In two words—editorial work,” smiles Jessie. “To make a difference on a larger scale will require reaching the broader audience.” There is no doubt that Jessie has much to say and convey. Her message, whether embodied within the walls of Tribez or engraved on the pages of LUX. “When you sit in my chair, YOU are my passionate focus. Everything else fades away and all of who I am is poured into making you fabulous.” And while “being fabulous” is so much more than hair, Jessie recognizes that a whole new way of looking can bring about an entirely new way of being in the world. “My highest call is to match the woman on the outside with the one within who has so much to offer,” says Jessie. “Giving a woman her power back through the alignment of inside out beauty is exhilarating.” Company: Tribez Salon Contact: Jessica Klaus Address: 4062 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Danville, CA 94506, USA Phone: (925) 786-8045 and (925) 362-8600 x 2 Website: www.jessicaklaus.com & www.tribezsalon.com

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