LUX Tourism Awards 2018

LUX - Tourism Awards 2018 25 Life is better with bubbles, chance, distinctive pleasurable things, and an escapade or two are the words lives by. With a focus on travel, lifestyle, and wellness- the company is a team of captivating story-tellers curating pieces for noteworthy places, people, ideas and more. Globetrotting to write the untold, embracing culture, cuisine, art, history, fine wine, health, and more, the words captivate, allowing readers to vicariously enjoy the stunning trips taken. As a three-time cancer survivor, President Mandy Murry, believes in living for each day, and why the company works on projects that ignite passion inside. “When we feel that spark for the things we curate, the magic is portrayed to the reader or viewer,” expressed Murry. There is a strong sense of purpose and passion behind the story-telling. Flying in the clouds has inspired Murry since a young age: “At 10 years old, my father took me on my first airplane. This was back in the days when warm meals were served on trays in coach class during a three-hour flight. It was my first taste of quiche, adventure to my naive palate. That first flight shaped my love for travel and seeking out delicious food. The clouds provide a sense of connection and charm, which is why I will forever be a Cloudsurfer.” Offering first hand insight to readers, the company is hired to create and produce content for a variety of publications in the travel and health sectors. Leading to opportunities to interview professionals who are involved in ground-breaking healthcare therapies or preventive medicine, cancer patients who found genomic sequencing which saved their life after 15-year battles with the disease, and undiscovered tours that are more magical than Disneyland fairy tales. Countless boutique hotels, Chefs, Restaurants, and off-the-beaten path locales seek Murry out to bring forth timeless words to share with their fans and future followers. Connecting the dots to the human experience is where Cloudsurfing thrives. Health and wellness will always be a vital essence of what is produced, balancing it with the joy and education found in travel, food, wine, and of course champagne- something Murry loves. Overall, 2018 looks set to be an exciting year for Cloudsurfing. Currently the firm is working on a travel show that focuses on celebrating life with bubbles Best Freelance Health & Travel Writer - Utah is a unique travel, health and lifestyle content production firm run by President Mandy Murry, who talks us through how she draws on her own experiences to create content that really speaks to her readers. Best Freelance Health & Travel Writer - Utah (champagne), the series will feature people, local flavor and passion of cities across the world. In addition, a new partnership with BloomforWomen. com and Dr. Kevin Skinner to create content for the online platform designed to help women heal, strengthen, and grow past trauma of infidelity or betrayal, will continue to establish the giveback legacy Murry believes in. The project speaks to Murry’s heart, as her very own personal story of trauma will be published in Fall of 2018. Longer term, Cloudsurfing is set to create a variety of destination and luxury boutique hotel features, as well as a newly launched food review website ( offering non-sugar coated, say it like it is food reviews for independent, noteworthy restaurants from across the globe. Additionally, the firm’s work will continue in the health and wellness space for all things skin and muscle with, and more hope for cancer patients with online portal Cancer Horizons. Clients come to and Murry for the “Health and wellness will always be a vital essence of what is produced, balancing it with the joy and education found in travel, food, wine, and of course champagne- somethingMurry loves.” dedication and sense of purpose provided with their work. Murry is a curating expert with food reviews, travel and tourism write-ups, professional interviews, ghost writing, on camera moderation, inspiring speeches, and more. How can you work with Murry and her team? Reach out via Whether you are seeking articles, blogs, content, or messaging, this team is one of the best in travel, lifestyle, and health. In addition, Murry also works with a handful of companies as a Brand Ambassador. Lexli Skincare is one that showcases the values of what she looks for in offering her endorsement- Quality and Sophistication. The company will also be setting up retreats for travelers to experience destinations from the inside out, as the team at Cloudsurfing always does, and which is something most travelers do not get when booking with tour companies or by themselves. For and Murry, it is always about finding the heart of the story, and connecting it to the soul.