LUX April 2017

LUX - April 2017 13 Pure Kauai: A Private Paradise Established in 2002, Pure Kauai specializes in custom vacations set in luxury private homes on the north shore of Kauai. Drawing on over 15 years’ experience, Phil, as Founder works closely with guests to ensure that they receive the holiday home they desire. He discusses how the firm works to create experiences that will stand the test of time. “Here at Pure Kauai, we hold the most luxurious rentals on the north shore, and our goal is to provide the best vacation homes and services in the state of Hawaii, perhaps in the world. As such, we seek to inspire our guests to co-create a unique, soulful experience on an island of incomparable beauty and wonder and to proudly provide the best services and villas available. In addition, we work hard to create a transparent, sustainable business on all levels and to increase Green tourism on the north shore of Kauai. Finally, we endeavour to provide all team members the opportunity to further their mastery in their respective areas, ensuring that guests receive the very highest standards of service when they stay with us. “In order to ensure that guests are able to enjoy the very pinnacle of luxury, we are extremely selective in the homes which we offer to our clients. Location, style, and amenities being among the top decision-makers. Service is equally selective, and we like to offer a wide range to our clients so they can experience the entire island of Kauai and take advantage of the skills of our many highly-trained people.” Moving forward, Pure Kauai is keen to build upon its current success and offer guests the very greatest experiences possible, as Phil concludes. “Overall, I believe that Pure Kauai has a bright and exciting future ahead as we strive to continue doing the best at providing incredible vacations and experiences here on Kauai.” Pure Kauai redefines luxury and spa travel by creating personalized guest experiences. We invited Founder Phil Jones to tell us more about the firm and share the secrets behind its success. Pure Kauai: A Private Paradise Company: Pure Kauai Contact: Phil Jones Email: [email protected] Address: 5118 Iolani Place, Princeville, Hawaii, 96722, USA Phone: 001808-828-6570 Website: