LUX April 2017

LUX - April 2017 43 Gorgeous Waterfront Accommodation in Akaroa Aotearoa, commonly translated as the land of the long white cloud, is a remarkable, enchanting and inspiring land that has delighted visitors for generations. So too the soulful, hauntingly beautiful, sounds of passing humpback whales echoing through the waters of Akaroa Harbour, answering the traditional songs of local Maori. This tapestry of land and sea is remarkably rich, interwoven with many stories from many peoples around the world, all contributing in their own way to breathe life into the beautiful Banks Peninsula. Akaroa Village Inn on the Banks Peninsula in New Zealand offers uniquely charming accommodation and an incredible experience. We profile this stunning establishment to learn more. Gorgeous Waterfront Accommodation in Akaroa 1703LU01 Company: Akaroa Village Inn Address:81 Beach Road, Akaroa Phone: +64 3 304 1111 Email: [email protected] Website: As such, it is with great courage, integrity and love that the owners of the Akaroa Village Inn embrace the opportunity to provide an experience where the communities in this glorious part of the world can flourish, whilst all the while celebrating the pure joy of New Zealand. Close your eyes. Still your thoughts. Listen. The gentle lapping water which flows past Akaroa carries far and wide. The songs of Akaroa drift upon the currents, washing where they will, calling all to this special place.