LUX Autumn 2018

100 Allan Moore & Associates Interiors Inc (AMA Interiors) was established in 2003 by owner and principal designer, Allan Moore. In June of this year, AMA Interiors was named in LUXlife ’s 2018 Leading Designers Awards, with the title of Most Innovative Interior Design Team for the state of Texas. On the back of this win, we spoke with Allan Moore to uncover how they have grown to become the pioneering designers that they are today. Over the last 15 years, AMA Interiors has become a firm held in exceptionally high-esteem by peers and clients alike. Working out of Dallas, Texas, AMA has developed a strong history of repeat clientele and referrals, a result of their mission to become long-lasting partners with both clients and vendors. The team has grown to six talented designers who have flourished and honed their individual styles and aesthetics under the firm. Allan believes this is a core part of the success of AMA – that each client is paired with a designer that best fits their vision, “The passion of our team to truly partner with clients and vendors sets us apart in the industry”. Ultimately, Allan believes collaboration and synergy between designer and client is key, “when undertaking a new client/project, it is important to listen and understand the client’s wants and needs, as well as to fully understand the budget of the project to set realistic expectations up front”. This symbiotic approach to design is partnered with a need to stay on top of the latest developments and trends in the industry, “the firm keeps a pulse on what is occurring in the business landscape and attempts to alter design practices to reposition ourselves in the marketplace”. Allan continues, “As a design firm it is important to reposition ourselves and services periodically in order ensure that we can address the value proposition to our clients to ensure sustainability over time”. “The passion of our team to truly partner with clients and vendors sets us apart in the industry”. To help achieve this goal, AMA Interiors have a heavy involvement in the field, recognising that the key to success is building on your existing client 1807LU12 base, by nurturing positive word of mouth, and – most importantly- by delivering a consistently high standard of work. “Our team attends major markets across the US, regularly meets with vendors and uses social media publications, fashion, art, and photography, as well as colour trends and forecasts to draw inspiration and to ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest design trends. As a services company, we know that relationships are what has sustained the firm in the industry and will continue to sustain us as we continue to grow in the years to come.” With six designers on their team, AMA is able to fulfil a broad range of styles and aesthetics. Past work has explored the marriage of a traditional rustic style with modern flourishes, through to more minimalistic Scandinavian inspirations, upmarket industrial and trendy mid-century work. In many ways, this makes AMAmarkedly different from their contemporaries – a chameleonic, adaptive ability to meet design briefs, and exceed expectations. LUXlife ’s Leading Designer Awards were launched with the aim of recognising those firms, and individuals, who were achieving remarkable things in their corner of the sector. Speaking for a moment on this recognition, “It is a great honor for the firm to be acknowledged by LUX as one of the Most Innovative Interior Design Teams. At AMA Interiors, the team always strives to be on the forefront of styles and trends. Our goal is to always create design projects that wow our clients using the most relevant tools and materials in the marketplace, and to be recognised for innovation shows that we are fulfilling our commitment to our clients”. Finally, regarding the future of the firm, Allan speaks of the firm’s plans to fortify their social media presence and diversify into new markets, “AMA Interiors continues to grow our presence in the design industry looking for new opportunities to diversify the business. In addition, the company is looking to grow its social media presence”. Contact: Allan Moore, President Company: Allan Moore & Associates Interiors, Inc Address: 136 Glass Street, Unit 130 Dallas, Texas 75207, USA Telephone: 001 214 999 0039 Web Address: FifteenYears of Expertise in Interior Design Style