LUX Autumn 2018

1807LU33 An Expert in True Luxury Design It is a rare thing indeed to find a designer that truly understands and encapsulates the feel, and very idea, of luxury. Kajal Patel is, undoubtedly, one such designer. MODERNO Interiors, by extension, specialises exclusively in modern luxury – the rare balance of the clean, minimalistic elegance of a contemporary style, partnered with the rich, bombastic flair of the opulent. For her clients, Kajal offers a reflection of their true selves in every one of her designs. In every cushion, every rug, every corner and every nook of the space. She offers, essentially, a taste of who her clients are, at their core. In Kajal’s words, “To us each and every client is an individual; the collaborative combination of the client’s personality and the designer’s vision produces something that is unique to each and every project. Design is our passion and translating each client’s personal story into a living environment brings rewarding satisfaction to both client and designer.” Kajal’s vision extends to every client she undertakes, ensuring that their design is truly bespoke, and individual to the person, “A detailed in-depth brief is fundamentally vital in successfully completing a project for your potential client. Understanding how they live, their lifestyle, their likes and dislikes is important that you understand them in depth.” This approach has, in Kajal’s opinion, been pivotal to the overall success of the studio, “Listening to our clients, understanding their needs and aims make the foundation of a great, successful scheme. We always endeavour to deliver beyond our client aims and achieve successful and practical designs.” “We believe that one of the most exciting journeys you can undertake can happen without leaving the house. The dream, the plans, the melting pot of ideas and the delivery of a concept as an interior transforms a functional house into a home, that expresses your personality from every surface.” When it comes to what qualities make for an excellent designer, Kajal emphasises the importance of collaboration with her clients and a clear vision for the final product: “Great communication skills, innovation, creativity, vision, timelessness, with use of a mix of materials and textures.” Kajal was eager to tell us more about her future aspirations of MODERNO going into the remainder of 2018 and into 2019. “We are in the progress of designing a historic building into a boutique, luxury hotel with a major UK developer. Also, we are designing the interiors of a number of large, high end, luxury detached properties in Northwood for a private client.” Ultimately, when it comes to the future of MODERNO, Kajal is eager to explore new markets, “We are looking to move into the hospitality and commercial sectors as this allows the creative mind to think deep and explode with innovative designs.” On a final note, Kajal spoke of how she thinks the sector will evolve, “in the years to come we feel that interiors will move more towards a smart home, with the use of virtual reality, smarter functional surfaces, cleaner air and sustainable interiors.” MODERNO Interiors is a luxury design firm based in Northwood, London. In June, MODERNO were named ‘Best for Luxury Modern Interior Designs’ in LUXlife ’s Top 50 in Interior Design Awards. On the back of the win, we spoke with Head Interior Designer and Founder, Kajal Patel to find out more about the firm’s unique approach to design and luxury style. Company name: MODERNO Interiors Contact: Mrs Kajal Patel Address: 20 Linksway. Northwood. Middlesex. HA6 2XB. UK Telephone: +44 7711715373 Website: www.moderno-in-