LUX Autumn 2018

1807LU24 SurroundYourself in True Italian Luxury Situated on a picturesque backdrop of golden sands and turquoise waters of the Lido di Jesolo, Almar Jesolo Resort makes a striking first impression. A celebration of classic Italian design; simple elegance and fresh, open spaces, it boasts an unmistakeable touch of the luxurious. An hour outside of Venice, it is also ideally located for anyone wanting a true taste of Italian hospitality, and the experience of award-winning, world- leading service. Established in 2014 on the ideals of taste, wellness, and vitality, Almar Jesolo and Almablu Spa has sought to embody a Mediterranean fantasy – the very best food, a relaxing respite, and a rejuvenating, revitalising experience. The resort’s 5-star rating is evidence that this combination has succeeded, charming patrons the world over with the belief that expectations should be exceeded, and never simply ‘met’. It is no surprise then, that the resort holds the mantra that “the sincere smile of our staff is our main business card” – outstanding hospitality is the norm and not the exception. One emerging worldwide trend in the health and beauty sectors is the promotion of both a healthy mind, and healthy body. 2018 has become the year of mindful movement, happiness retreats, and ‘now age’ holidays, as a population becomes ever-more aware of the importance of mental wellbeing. As such, wellness centres are seeing an unprecedented wave of interest, as people rush to ease tension, and relax the mind. Almablu Spa has thrived on this new interest, capitalising on its expertise and experience to cater entirely to a guests’ individual needs. Offering a variety of treatments, but specialising in traditional Chinese medicine that aims to restore balance, and harmony, Almablu guarantees that everyone leaves the spa happier, and healthier than when they entered. Guided by a team of highly-trained therapists, the spa offers detoxifying programs, comprised of Tai Chi, exfoliating body treatments, moxibustion and herbal teas alongside bespoke regenerating and wellness programs; a delightful mix of massages, reflexology and breathing exercises. The recipient of multiple accolades the world over, Almar Jesolo has long been considered one of the very best luxury resorts that Europe has to offer. A delight on the Adriatic, it embodies the belief that true luxury is in unbeatable, genre-defining hospitality, once-in-a- lifetime experiences and an outstanding dedication to wellness. As for the resort, it has spacious and modern rooms (all with a balcony). Also, the Mediterra Restaurant has a particular offer dedicated to the well-being of the guests. Named as part of LUXlife ’s Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards, it stands among the very best luxury establishments around the world – a resort that is, simply, a must-experience. Almar Jesolo Resort boasts one of the most renowned luxury spas in Europe, a veritable Elysium devoted to wellness, relaxation and rejuvenation. No stranger to accolades, the Almablu Spa was named as the Most Outstanding Luxury Spa Retreat in Italy by LUXlife Magazine. On the back of that, we profiled this extraordinary resort and spa to find out more about their utterly unique approach to wellness and hospitality. Company: Almablu Wellness & Spa c/o Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa Address: via Dante Alighieri, 106, Lido di Jesolo, Venice, 30016, Italy Web Address: www.almarje- Retreat