LUX Autumn 2018

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 111 Autumn 2018 A digital interaction design agency with an impressive pedigree, Orange Bus was bought by Capita in 2016. Welcomed as Racing Point Force India’s official digital partner early on in 2017, over the past year or more Orange Bus has been developing a number of exciting new solutions for the Formula One team. As part of its vast service offering, Orange Bus has been working closely with the team, exploring everything from what fans are looking for from the team through to delivering innovative solutions. Innovation has been central to the agency’s success, as the F1 space has changed dramatically since it was taken over by Liberty Media last year. F1 now has an emphasis on digital technology and is expanding its fan base by appealing to digital audiences, with the sport hoping in turn to increase its following and appeal to younger followers. Racing Point Force India is ahead of the curve for fan engagement and, thanks to Orange Bus, is well on the way to creating a greater interaction between the team and the fans. The research conducted by Orange Bus on behalf of Racing Point Force India established that fans really enjoy behind the scenes updates regarding the teams’ drivers, the car, the engineers, race strategy and beyond. With the launch of the new website, a drive on social media and a fan engagement app currently under development, Orange Bus and Racing Point Force India are looking to give the fans what they want and ensure they can keep up to speed with the team whilst on the go. Whilst learning more about the team and Orange Bus’ involvement in its success, LUX had the pleasure of interviewing Otmar Szafnauer, current Chief Executive Officer and Team Principal at the German Grand Prix, who discussed how the partnership with Orange Bus has enhanced Racing Point Force India’s relationship with its fans. Otmar commented that the collaboration has helped the team to not only engage better with its current fans but has also helped them in attracting new fans to their following. Social engagement for the team has risen a huge 65% since the partnership began, and the fans have been firmly put at the heart of their digital strategy, ensuring that the user is a real driving force for the team and its future endeavours. Social sharing has become more accessible and improved social media content and video content is enabling fans to have a closer relationship with the team, leading to a more engaged and involved following. Orange Bus has a number of additional clients within the motorsport industry including Porsche Motorsport, Aston Martin Racing and Craft Bamboo Racing. They also work with many businesses across the public and private sectors including the NHS, HM Revenue & Customs and the Department of Education, in delivering innovative digital products, services and strategies. For all of these clients, Orange Bus looks to ensure that the user experience is integral throughout its recommendations and product suggestions. Whatever the industry sector its clients are operating in, from healthcare, sport or education industries through to government departments, digital innovations are transforming the way they work and how customers, clients or patients access the organisation. What unites this vast array of clients is the fact that Orange Bus is there to support them in formulating their digital strategy and delivering suitable innovative solutions. With our F1 experience coming to a close, LUX reflects on how privileged we have been to witness first-hand the interaction of Orange Bus and Racing Point Force India and how the passion, dedication and innovation of key individuals from both teams is really driving the relationship between the team and its fan base. We can’t wait to check out the fan engagement app once it’s launched and see how this digital partnership develops further, as the industry brings the latest F1 season to a close. There’s loads still to come for both the industry and the unique partnership between Orange Bus and Racing Point Force India, and here at LUX we can’t wait to see what’s next for both. Photo credit: James Moy