LUX Autumn 2018

120 1808LU26 Contemporary Indian Dining Matsya Dining are a newly opened Indian contemporary restaurant situated on Curzon Street in the heart of Mayfair, specialising in seafood delicacies and classic mouth-watering Indian dishes from pan-India. Following their success in LUXlife ’s 2018 Global Luxury Restaurant & Bar Awards where they were awarded the accolade Mayfair’s Leading Contemporary Indian Dining Experience – 2018, we spoke to Michelle Puri to discover more about the luxurious establishment. With their official opening on the 17th June 2018, Matsya Dining have already received numerous accolades in such a short space of time, including the London Time Out Award as the Most Loved Restaurant in and the AFRA Award (Asian Food and Restaurant Awards) as the Newcomer of The Year 2018. Helping the fine establish to accumulate such outstanding success, is Matsya Dining’s talented team of individuals. Keen to highlight each member who works at the award- winning established, Michelle details the key people at Matsya Dining. “The patron and main person behind the culinary journey is Chef Manu Mohindra, who worked with us to create the menu we offer now. The brilliant cooking in the kitchen is executed by our Head-Chef, Uttam Karmokar and his team. Our never tired and