LUX Autumn 2018

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 121 Autumn 2018 always ready, full of energy and positivity Head-Manager, Mr Anil Rattan. And finally, the owner, Director and person, who makes it all possible, Mr Vikkas Puri. We are happy to have such a good team of people here at Matsya Dining.” MATSYA signifies reincarnation. Which is why, staying true to the name, the team at Matysa went around India to find those hidden recipes and present it to London in a new avatar. At Matsya, they are reincarnating secret, traditional Indian recipes which have been forgotten or lost from the entire subcontinent, Michelle explains. “This is a brand new concept in London and our aim is to take you on an Indian Culinary Journey with our menu. You can try dishes that you have never tried before, from across India in the heart of Mayfair. Our vision dates back centuries, in Hindu mythology Matsya, the fish, represents the beginning of life and a fresh start. With us you will enjoy an intimate fine dining experience while you get transported to different parts of India with our unique dishes. “We wanted to take the guests on a journey. But like all good journeys we wanted to have an element of the familiar merged with the less familiar. We wanted to create Indian food that would lend itself to experimentation, but that would also cater to those of us who were a little less adventurous at first.” Whilst on the topic of guests, Michelle reveals to us how the diner’s expectations have changed since the opening of Matsya Dining, touching on the heavy marketing campaign that they rolled out to create a buzz about the establishment. “It has not been easy to make people come and try our food. It is quite normal for anyone to be hesitant at first to try new restaurant, especially when there are so many already established ones around. We made ourselves visible on social media, signed up with Time Out, Squaremeal, Private Dining Rooms, Open Table, Bookatable etc. In addition, we have created a strong marketing campaign, to get consumers talking and inviting people to try. Hard work. We invited lots of friends and families at first and the beginning was mostly through word of mouth, but we had already few celebrities and famous people coming in as well. Slowly, the people got curious and came to us to dine and they left very happy. And that’s what we aim for.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Michelle reveals some of the projects that lie in the pipeline for Matsya Dining. “Moving forward, we aim to develop Bytebite and take it to more areas in London and eventually UK. The concept is to serve fresh and hot food to you at your place. Be it a hectic day at office or a lazy day at home where you cannot leave and are hungry for some hot fresh food, Bytebite will treat you at your place at your time and at your convenience. “In addition to this, we have also identified two more sites for Matsya in and around London. Lastly, we are aiming not only to be fine dine restaurant but also working on a Quick Service model for our customers convenience.” Company: Matsya Dining 54-55, Curzon St, Mayfair, London, W1J 8PG, UK Telephone: 020 7499 8953 Web Address: