LUX Autumn 2018

125 Established in 2003, Hale Acupuncture clinic is a centre devoted to wellness in the heart of Greater Manchester. In June, LUXlife awarded Hale Acupuncture with the title of Best Acupuncture Clinic in North West England, in the 2018 LUX Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards. We spoke to the Owner of Hale Acupuncture, Pam Bescoby, to find out how she has grown the clinic into the thriving business it is today. The luxury and health sectors are experiencing an extraordinary paradigm shift. Despite trends in other areas suggesting that the world is becoming ever more ‘cyber’, a counter-movement is appearing in the form of a new obsession: a love of all things wellness. The modern is being eschewed for the past - the new, for the very old. In many ways, modern life is being defined by this juxtaposition; a desperate need for the latest technology partnered, almost effortlessly, with digital-free zones and yoga retreats. Hale Acupuncture Clinic is the perfect respite for those wanting to de-stress, unplug, heal and unwind – or, indeed, those eager to bring a family into the world. Pam agrees, and emphasises the importance of her work to her clients, “I love my work in all things ‘wellbeing’ and see it as the future. I’m proud to say that people come from miles around to enjoy treatments. In addition to acupuncture, I also use cupping and moxibustion if I think it will enhance the treatment. Lifestyle and diet advice is also given if relevant - a truly mind and body experience.” She continues, “I have seen a slow but progressive shift towards wellbeing, mindfulness and a usage of natural treatments, across the spectrum of my treatments. I can sum this up best by confessing that a surprisingly high percentage of my patients are actually western medicine GPs and Consultants, plus I regularly receive referrals from HBW18041 Consultants when all that Western medicine has to offer has not resolved the issue. I’ve also gone out of my way to make my clinic a place of quiet relaxation and tranquillity. I love it when my clients come through the door and exclaim, ‘I’ve been waiting all day for this!’, I wish more people understood that the use of ‘needles’ can be a totally relaxing, pleasant and painless experience. Naturally, Pam is understanding of people’s concerns regarding acupuncture, “acupuncture is highly regulated, principally by the British Acupuncture Council, of which I am a proud member. Hygiene is of course paramount in the course of my work and I have passed, and often exceed, all the requisite standards. Also, I am proud to say that my GDPR processes are now in place (phew!), always understanding my obligations towards the processing of my patient’s sensitive personal health data.” To finish, Pam spoke about the future of the clinic, and what the rest of 2018 has in store for Hale Acupuncture: “I see a huge future in my work surrounding fertility and IVF support. With NHS financial pressures rarely out of the news these days, and the seemingly endless withdrawal of fertility assistance, I believe more people will turn to the kind of natural holistic treatments I can offer. I still - to this very day- regularly help couples conceive naturally, often when they thought all hope of a family had gone. Let me tell you there is no better feeling in my work. People in general are also realising the benefits of taking control of their health, prevention is the key issue.” Address: Hale, Cheshire, UK Web Address: Pam Bescoby:Achieving Success under Pressure