LUX Autumn 2018

127 Elizabeth Steimberg is a New York Architect who has demonstrated a remarkable ability to blend architecture and interior design, nurturing a talent to perfectly reflect her client’s passions, histories, experiences and lifestyles. In July, Elizabeth’s firm, Elizabeth Steimberg Architects, was named in LUXlife Magazine’s 2018’s Top 50 in Interior Design with the title of Most Outstanding Interior Architect for the state of New York. On the back of this achievement, we spoke to Elizabeth to find out how she approaches her work. Elizabeth Steimberg Architects is a full-service interior architecture firm based out of central Manhattan. Earning her BA in Architecture and a Master’s degree in Architecture and Building Design from the Columbia University School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation in 1987, Elizabeth has been a stalwart in the industry for 30 years. Since 1993, when Elizabeth Steimberg Architects was established, Elizabeth has created a reputation for timeless, sophisticated design. Her portfolio is as varied as it is striking; one project is occupied by mid-century influences, capturing the classic vitality of the era. Another showcases an almost Georgian flair, with the use of dark mahogany adding a regent, elegant feel for the space. Elizabeth’s chameleonic ability to adapt to the needs of the space speaks volumes about her natural talent in a sector occupied, arguably, by many pretenders to the throne. As a bespoke firm, Elizabeth practices in exclusivity, taking only a few cases at a time. By approaching her work in this way, she ensures she 1808LU12 can devote the care and attention that each client deserves, guaranteeing that each project is an example of her best work, and nothing less. Ultimately, communication is a vital part of the design process – client’s need to trust that the architect will sufficiently bring their vision to ‘life’, representing their likes, dislikes, and interests in every inch of the final design. Elizabeth affirms that she has a frank conversation with her clients regarding the design and their budget, ensuring that both parties are on the same page before work begins. Naturally, in a highly competitive sector in one of the world’s busiest markets, it is incredibly important for architects and designers alike to differentiate themselves from competitors. Elizabeth believes that her personal approach to design allows her firm to stand head and shoulders above the crowd; “I am a boutique firm and as such I only take a few projects at the time and personally oversee the project. Clients can reach me at any time. I give personalized attention to every detail, and every detail matters.” Elizabeth Steimberg was recognised in the LUXlife ’s esteemed Top 50 in Interior Design for several reasons – her talent as a designer, her consistently high quality of work, and her ability to stand out in an industry that seems increasingly more crowded with each passing year. Nonetheless, the title of New York’s Most Outstanding Interior Architect undeniably belongs to Elizabeth Steimberg Architects, as one of the leading designers on the east coast; a pioneer of simple elegance, and effortless taste. Contact: Elizabeth Steimberg Company: Elizabeth Steimberg Architects 404 E 79 Street, New York. 10021, USA Telephone: 001 212 879 6411 Web Address: Defining the Future of NewYork’s Interior Architecture Sector Style