LUX Autumn 2018

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 13 Autumn 2018 expertise comes with years of developing one’s eye and taste, but also by developing one’s mind and listening to those need expressed by the clients. Being in love with my profession adds that magical touch which embraces the client.” When asked about a favourite project, Alfredo stresses the importance of a recent challenge and honour; redesigning the library at the Charles Deering Estate. In his own words, “The concept for the interior design of the library was based from the books and articles that I found there, plus information from the Deering Estate staff. I found out that the original colour of the library was a deep blue and that gave me the concept to take it closer to the original colour then added some splashes of white on sofas, flowers and accessories for contrast. Creating a palette that captures an era, and its peculiar uniqueness, we redefined this space keeping its traditional integrity and entering a 21st Century reality. This project taught me how history and interior design can be intertwined to create an exclusive showcase where the general public can step back in time with one foot and into the future with the other.” Interior design is a sector that relentlessly moves forward, searching for the ‘next big thing’, the next source of inspiration. “Being in love with my profession adds that magical touch which embraces the client” 2018 has been a year defined by statement ceilings, terrazzo, earthly neutrals and metallic furnishings. Alfredo believe his style allows him to transcend the cyclical nature of the industry, and will allow for more room for growth, “As time passes, nuances regulate how the growth cycle redefines its existing structure. That being said, we see the future unfolding with a vision that extends our market not only to a direct vertical line of success but spanning, throughout the year, a horizontal one, as well.” LUXlife ’s Leading Designers programme was launched to recognise designers, from all over the world, who were breaking the mould, and pushing the boundaries of their field. In its third year, the award has a record of acknowledging both long-standing experts, and up-and-coming ones to watch. Regarding the importance of being named ‘Most innovative Interior Design Studio’, Alfredo said, “this means the world to my entire staff and I”. As for his plans moving further into 2018 and beyond, Alfredo speaks of expanding into new markets, “Following my recent appointment as ‘Designer in Residence’ of the ‘Deering Estate at Cutler’, we would love to expand into creating our own line of natural fabrics and move into upholstery furniture design, using our expertise to create comfortable, practical and - at the same time - beautiful sofas, dining chairs, headboards, etc.” Company: Alfredo Brito Interiors Address: 1000 Quayside Terrace, Suite 412, Miami, Florida, 33138, US Website: ALFREDO BRITO INTERIORS