LUX Autumn 2018

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 29 Autumn 2018 unique creativity and inspiration to their projects. Exceptional designers are visionaries. With experience, I have learned that to be an excellent designer requires wearing multiple hats. From mastering spatial concepts and predicting future design trends to communicating with clients, builders, and architects, excellent designers understand that their job is not just design.” Further, reflecting the movement of the interior design sector as a whole, Anne Carr Design advocates the idea that function supersedes form, that spaces have to be, above all, liveable and practical. True skill lies in ensuring that the overall visual impact of the space isn’t sacrificed by doing so. Anne has mastered this equilibrium; “Spaces that function on a day to day basis to entertaining guests on holidays are what we strive for.” Naturally, as with all residential interior designers, the final space must be a reflection of the client; their passions, influences and experiences must be laced into every fabric choice, every statement piece, and every texture; “Above all, it is the personal statement that makes excellent design. The ability to incorporate the personality of a client into a design is what makes a project unique and out of the box.” Moving on, Anne emphasises the qualities that make Anne Carr Design stand out from what is an incredibly crowded, competitive industry; “We want every client to view their home as their personal sanctuary. We are experts in a quality that not many realise is vital in interior design: listening. We understand that not everyone can articulate their look and vibe, so we are curious and inventive. Also, we are adept at discerning a client’s vision and strive to bring their dreams into reality. Unlike many companies in the industry, we begin with the big picture, but then meticulously hone in on the detail by asking our client’s how they live, how they entertain, and what is the most important room in the house to them.” “Perhaps what sets ACD apart most from other companies in this industry is that we are nonconforming. We challenge the confines of interior design by combining a tasteful mix of styles, materials, and textures to create a harmonious space. We not only understand, but advocate for a kitchen that has industrial lights and marble countertops, a family room where rustic meets classic, or a bathroom infused with warm and cool tones. That is the timeless beauty of unique renovations: that a modern lifestyle can be beautifully introduced to older architecture. At ACD, we literally dare to be different, and often, the result is a home that is comfortable and functional, yet sleek and sophisticated.” This is, perhaps, one of the underrated assets to Anne Carr Design, the adaptive, almost chameleonic way that they approach every project. Despite this, Anne has always captured a uniquely refined accent through all her work, with her use of elegant lines and vibrant, luminescent colour palette. There is no mistaking Anne’s work if you come across it – her spaces are a visual delight, precise and detail-oriented. Her most successful project to data represented a unique challenge; transforming a space from something that was decidedly not ‘on-trend’ to something reflecting more modern inclinations, “We had a run of the mill townhouse in Malibu, California - on the ocean. The interior was covered in green and pink marble with mirrors on every possible surface. It was a combination of a 1940’s bordello and a Las Vegas strip club. After a year of stripping the interiors to the studs, we have created a sophisticated, ethereal beach bungalow with a wall of windows cantilevering over the beach.” Coming to the end of the interview, we asked Anne what she believed was in Anne Carr Design’s near future, “This is just the beginning for Anne Carr Design. We plan on expanding our interior design business across the United States and Internationally. Also, we would like to create a curated online shop that sells many treasures that we find in hidden pockets of the world.” Finally, Anne shared her insights into the future of the interior design sector, and how, in many ways, ACD is ahead of the curve in her approach, “Incorporating natural spaces into my designs has been a priority since the start of ACD. This is starting to be mirrored in the greater industry through the rise of sustainable design, which is going to become an even more desired trend in the future. Sustainable design is more than using energy efficient and eco-friendly materials. It is about ensuring that we build homes that are durable for the future. With extreme weather conditions across the globe, it is crucial that while designing beautiful spaces, we also keep in mind that they must be stable. “For many years, having an interior designer was only for the privileged. However, with social media interior design has become more mainstream and affordable for families and millennials. Interior design has become more accessible, especially for metropolitan cities and smaller living spaces.” LUXlife Magazine launched the Leading Designers programme to spotlight the work of outstanding, and often overlooked, designers who are working diligently every day on behalf of their clients. Anne Carr and Anne Carr Design has elevated contemporary design to new heights by blending styles flawlessly and seamlessly, creating novel, inspiring, and functional spaces that her clients adore. Contact: Anne Carr Company: Anne Carr Design, 13466 Bayliss Rd, Los Angeles, California, 90049, USA Telephone: 001 424 259 3043 Website: