LUX Autumn 2018

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 31 Autumn 2018 recreation room and bar area, as well as a conference room, offices for the pilots and reception area on the lower level. This project was time sensitive that required completion within four months. Plans were drawn and presented, contractors hired and work commenced. As the clock was ticking towards the deadline for completion, Samole ordered furniture to be made from recycled airplane parts, as well as to select and order all built in cabinetry and finished goods as well as other movable furniture. With literally just hours to spare, the project was completed and guests were able to move in, relax and enjoy their stay in the uniquely create guest environment as envisioned just four months prior when Samole first viewed the facility. In addition to working with her residential clients, Samole has a passion for creating comfortable, yet exciting and dynamic interiors for Elder Care facilities. When working on an ALF (Assisted Living Facility) or a Long Term Care facility, the goal is to provide the best surroundings for the residents who may spend five to ten years of their life. Comfort, quality of life and safety issues are a part of the S & B Interior Design Plan. Selecting slip resistant flooring, installation of comfort height bathroom fixtures, as well as providing for grab bars and other safety features, are all part of the responsibilities of the interior design team for these projects. Samole has applied her knowledge of interiors for Health Care Facilities to her being called upon as a consultant for those wishing to either “Age in Place” or keep a loved one at home but may require modifications to bathrooms or the kitchen to accommodate personal limitations. Not only do some clients think about their own possibility of limited mobility, but think of their aging parents and/or guests who might have special needs. Everything that is needed to stay in a home as one either ages or develops physical mobility issues, can be worked into all styles of design. A Client Preference Questionnaire must be filled out by the client at the start of a project. Not only does Samole want to know about colour and style preferences, but any allergies, physical issues, ability to stretch and reach things in either a closet or kitchen and how long the client plans on living in the new dwelling. These answers are critical to the proper planning and designing of a space, as well as the selection of finish materials. Interior Design has evolved from a designer selecting fabrics, paint finishes and furniture to being a Licensed and regulated profession (in Florida and many other states) whereby an Interior Designer can create new floor plans for existing or new spaces, draw reflective ceiling plans, select finishes and design custom built in cabinetry as well as to design or remodel kitchens and bathrooms. Today, an Interior Designer is someone who advocates for their client in every phase of a project, providing the best in design, products, service and supervision of installations. S & B Interiors philosophy is to provide unique interiors for each client. Spaces created should reflect the expression of each individual’s journey through their own life as well as their functional and aesthetic needs. Contact: Sandi Samole, ASID Company: S & B Interiors, Inc. Fl. LIc. 0000056 Miami, Florida 33156 Telephone: 001 305-661-1577 Web Address: