LUX Autumn 2018

1802LU14 Achieving Excellence in the Real Estate Sector Style Woolley & Parks Estate Agents have built their success on the back of a simple premise; real estate agents who are passionate and knowledgeable about the local area, and provide honest, professional advice to their clients. It’s a recipe that has earned Woolley & Parks no end of accolades and recognition over the three years they’ve been in business. Equally, this service has earned them a loyal following of happy clients, who rave about the agency’s friendly, personal and diligent service. As a winner in the Global Property and Real Estate Awards, Woolley & Parks have accomplished in three years what firms yearn to achieve over decades - recognition that differentiates them from an enormously competitive sector. Real Estate is an industry that is experiencing quite the paradigm shift in recent years, as brick and mortar establishments are being challenged by online platforms, who are often cheaper, and more streamlined. As a result, traditional agencies are having to innovate the customer experience, and develop attributes that online platforms cannot offer – a refined, personal touch. In this, it is clear that Woolley & Parks have succeeded – seeing growth despite online challengers. Mark Woolley and Natalie Parks lie at the heart of this success; both industry professionals with over 38 years of property experience combined, they have led the company’s development with a certainty and vigour that only experience can offer. And together Woolley & Parks have gone from strength to strength. Complimenting the traditional, and the expected, is a comprehensive financial services department, that specialises in mortgages, protection and insurance to help people move into their dream home. Branching out into financial services ensures that Woolley & Parks is a one-stop shop for their client’s needs, nurturing long- lasting, and loyal relationships. LUXlife ’s recognition is far from the only accolade that Woolley & Parks have received over the last three years – indeed, within the first year of operation, they received the silver award in The Times’ newspapers Estate Agency of the Year 2016 programme, for Best Newcomer to the sector. Since then, they have achieved milestone after milestone, and recognition on top of recognition. An impressive feat for what is, by all regards, still a newcomer to the industry. Woolley & Parks Estate Agents is an award-winning real estate agency based out of Driffield and Beverley, in East Yorkshire. Earlier this year, Woolley & Parks were named in LUXlife Magazine’s 2018 Global Property and Real Estate Awards programme as the Best Emerging Estate Agency in North Yorkshire. On the back of this, we profiled the firm to find out the source of their extraordinary success. Company:Woolley & Parks Estate Agents Address: 19 North Bar Within, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 8DB Website: Telephone: 01482 755700