LUX Autumn 2018

42 1809LU18 AWork of Art Within Each Design Related Arts is an interior design firm dedicated to the delivery of a timeless, elegant style. In August, the firm were awarded among LUXlife ’s esteemed 2018 Leading Designers Awards with the title of Best Client-Focused Interior Design Firm in New York. On the back of this deserved success, we spoke to the Owner of Related Arts, Soraida Bedoya, to find out the inspiration behind her unique vision. Above all else, Soraida Bedoya believes in putting people at the very centre of her designs. In an industry which constantly chases after the ephemeral, Soraida believes in the enduring, and the importance of creating spaces that reflect the person that will inhabit it. Through Related Arts, she has harnessed her creative talents to forge a firm that is dedicated to these ideals and acts, always, to perfect her unique vision with each and every client. To start the interview, Soraida shares how she arrived at Related Arts’ creation: “I arrived at interior design via divergent but, nonetheless interrelated focuses. Beginning with art history studies, then as an artist making sculpture, moving on to performance and story-telling art, then a sharp pivot into luxury products and services management, until -finally – anchoring at Related Arts. This trajectory, combined with a good number of stamps on my passport, brings a rich library of references from which to design from.” All photo credit: Eric Striffler