LUX Autumn 2018

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 49 Autumn 2018 client needs to be considered in a vacuum, “All designs are individually tailored to each client’s needs and those of their markets. We are continuously up-to date on the latest trends, materials and technological advances whilst maintaining our unique identity, which is applied to all our projects worldwide, guaranteeing the highest level of quality and service.” As aforementioned, interior design is a notoriously competitive industry – portraying a unique style or approach can be difficult, especially when potentially hundreds of others are vying for the same custom. Mohammed ardently believes that it is the firm’s dedication to quality that sets them apart from the crowd, “At Intercon, we have a passion for excellence that drives every stage of the project, from design conception to the daily use of our completed projects. Intercon ensures that in its design, all recognised and relevant international standards are complied. The same is followed by all sub- consultants that are part of Intercon’s team.” “Intercon strives to be known as ‘the quality’ driven practice.” Intercon is driven by an innovative streak – a desire to go above and beyond, to develop new techniques, and push the boundaries on the near-impossible. To achieve that, Mohammed explains Intercon’s proactive approach to finding new solutions, “Continuous research through our Band Aid department (the Architectural Investigation departments band), where a permanently changing team from within the company, plus some invited collaborates participate in internal investigation projects and international competitions.” It’s a concept that is carried forward into multiple areas of the business, most notably in their project credo– to always strive to be better; to do better than what was previously achieved. Nowhere is this more evident than in Mohammed’s answer when asked about Intercon’s most successful project to date, “Our most successful is always the next project we will do - this philosophy is entrenched in all the great people that work at Intercon.” When it comes to the future of the sector, Mohammed is enthusiastic about the changes happening in the hotel industry specifically, and what those changes would entail moving forwards for interior designers, “The market and especially in the hotel sector is ever changing to offer different types of hotels regardless the star rating, boutique two star hotels are more luxurious that five stars international chains, lifestyle city hostels are no longer just for young back packers, these are very exciting times for hotel designers!” Regarding Intercon’s immediate future, Mohammed speaks of mergers to aid international growth, “we have recently merged with the number one architectural practice in the Middle East, Dewan Architects and Engineers. We are working together to expand further into new markets such as South-East Asia, Africa and Europe.” The Leading Designer Awards programme was launched to recognise designers from all over the world in a variety of fields and areas. Intercon is a firm with an established history of excellence, that has an extraordinary future ahead of it - a future defined by international growth, and innovation. Address: Carrer de la Riba, 36, Esplugues de Llobregat Barcelona, Spain Website: Telephone: 0034 933 427 427