LUX Autumn 2018

53 Thai Square Spa has an enticing blend of classical cultures within its walls. Based in the heart of London, it offers a relaxing respite from the bustling, rhythmic beat of the city. In April, Thai Square was named among the winners of the 2018 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards, hosted by LUXlife Magazine, with the title of Most Outstanding Day Spa Experience in the United Kingdom. On the back of this win, we profiled this remarkable escapist haven and took a peek behind the curtain. Set between Trafalgar Square and the Thames Embankment, Thai Square Spa lies inside a converted Victorian Turkish bathhouse. Inspired, in equal parts, by Rome, Turkey and Thailand, Thai Square Spa offers an intriguing blend of antiquity, celebrating the wisdoms of the past with a setting that delights and amazes. Among the Doric columns, frescoes and mosaics are touches of contemporary luxury, just enough to disturb the illusion. By all regards, the décor feels ripped from history, a portal to another time, and placed into the archetypal metropolitan hub of London. It is a wonderful, striking juxtaposition. A clash of cultures. Stepping over the threshold into Thai Square Spa is to be transported away from the hectic grind of the day to day - away from the notifications, news alerts and status updates – and back to a simpler time. Thai Square offers an escape, the feeling of relaxation permeating every wall, corner and nook. 1805LU16 With saunas, steam rooms, ice fountains and Jacuzzis, to name just a select few of what is on offer, Thai Square can satiate any itch. The Himalayan salt house, one of only a few in the UK, offers a wonderfully original experience that soothes respiration and can help ease asthma and bronchitis. Alongside these offerings are an abundance of others; jade stone massages, botanical wraps, and a Golden Maharani facial – culminating in a 24-carat pure gold collagen mask that helps stimulate collagen production. All tastes are accounted for, every possible whim fulfilled. Held in high-esteem by many industry-leading publications, Thai Square has a long history of impressing guests. Those that venture within its subterranean walls leave enlightened, happier, rejuvenated and of course, rested. Anyone looking for a traditional spa experience in London need look no further. Thai Square Spa offers a relaxing experience in an almost otherworldly, ethereal setting, a delight for the body and senses. By all considerations, Thai Square is a deserving winner in LUXlife ’s Global Luxury and Hotel Awards; offering a delightful mix of traditional and contemporary treatments in a setting that inspires and amazes in equal measure. Address: 25 Northumberland Avenue, London, WC2N 5AP, United Kingdom Website: Telephone: 020 7839 7990 Be Transported to aWorld of Luxury and Relaxation Pamper