LUX Autumn 2018

71 Lash Inc is the authoritative voice when it comes to the lash industry. Recently, Lash Inc was named by LUXlife Magazine as one of our 2018 Leaders in Luxury, with the title of ‘Best UK Beauty Courses’ for their work advocating a professional standard of training for all eyelash artists. We spoke to the owner of Lash Inc Media, Louise Tierney, to find out more about the trail- blazing company, and the niche area of business that they operate in. Established in January of 2014, Lash Inc has become a behemoth in the eyelash industry. The essential trade magazine for eyelash artists, the publication has become an invaluable trove of information for the community that has rallied around it. Since launching, they have expanded beyond that role as needed – when it became obvious that there was a desperate need for uniformity, and a set standard of practice, Lash launched their training courses. When it became clear that they had become the expert voice for eyelash artists, they branched out into awards and events, using their position to recognise extraordinary work in the industry. All of this has been spearheaded by Louise Tierney, a 13-year veteran of the beauty sector and long-time advocate for the eyelash industry, “we are obsessed about helping to grow the industry through raising standards and creating awareness about this niche market. Our subscribers are our family and we create everything with the aim to solve a problem or make something better”. When it comes to their status, Louise is very aware of the impact that her business has on those that follow it, “We see ourselves as trend setters. What you see in Lash Inc often becomes the next big thing in lashes on the catwalk and in stores”. Working with her worldwide team of journalists, Louise ensures that Lash Inc is up-to-date with the very latest news, trending topics, and must- 1807LU11 read features. Louise is proud of the fact that every one of her team is hand-picked, selected for their talent and personality, “I love to get to know people and know how that they will fit with the company. I am looking for a long-term team and we can all grow together”. In this way, Louise continues, “We all have the same aim to raise standards and educate to the highest standard.” Naturally, questions arise about the logistics of managing a team from local offices around the world, in response, Louise affirms that, “We communicate daily via our Facebook group and team #Slack workspace”. As for challenges; “The challenges we have had as an industry is having consistent standards.” As the number of lash artists grows, a need for an authoritative body- recognised globally- becomes more urgent. Louise points out that this is one of the ongoing goals of the company – setting a standard for others to follow, “We have started to address this through Lash Inc educator training and Lash Inc Accreditation. We pioneered this and now there are others with the same mission helping in various countries around the world”. Lash Inc is, ultimately and at its heart, a pioneer, setting the course in the hopes that others keep apace. When it comes to plans for the future, Louise is certain in the continued growth of the sector, “We foresee the eyelash extension industry eventually becoming as big as the nail extension industry with Lash Bars commonplace in every country”. Indeed, the overwhelming feeling seems to be that the industry is on a precipice, on the cusp of an explosive, global-wide expansion. To help catalyse this growth, Lash Inc is planning to expand their brand, with editions of the magazine launching in Mexico, Spain and Japan, with collected editions for the Nordic and Benelux regions. Contact: Louise Tierney Address: Axiom Studios, 48-54 Washington Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G3 8AZ, UK Website: Pioneering the Birth of an Industry Pampering