LUX Autumn 2018

73 Roberta Torresan is a wedding planner who designs and organises luxury weddings in Rome and in the most mesmerising Italian resorts. Recently spoke with Roberta to discover more about how she has established herself as one of the leading destination wedding planners in Italy. Not only does she commit herself to create grandiose events, she has specialised throughout the years in ‘destination weddings’, therefore becoming a point of reference for spouses, from all over the world, who choose the most beautiful venues in Italy for their dream wedding, as Roberta explains. “Italy attracts the most romantic spouses, the art lovers, the admirers of our great beauty, and couples who desire an unforgettable ceremony in a timeless venue, surrounded by everything that can make their big day a memory of priceless sentimental value.” Roberta Torresan works in Rome’s most famous and exclusive wedding venues, choosing vendors and suppliers with care, with whom she will be able to decorate and create a scenography that instantly triggers the much sought-after “wow effect”. Every detail is personalised based on the spouses’ requests, but its objective is always to transform into reality those dreams that seem so unreachable in the clients’ minds, Roberta details. “Every wedding is unique and unrepeatable, just like the love stories that have brought the lovers to the so-longed-for ‘Yes’. It’s because of this reason that I start from zero with each wedding, trying to create an event where nothing is a repetition of something that has already been seen. It is a tiresome and constant work of research and creativity, but above all, an aspiration to reach the perfect balance and tuning with the spouses’ emotions.” Roberta has had the privilege to be cited in multiple magazines and websites in Italy and all over the world, and she is part of some of the most prestigious international directories, in the ‘destination weddings’ field. She has, now, been awarded as Most Outstanding Luxury Destination Wedding Planner by LUXlife Magazine. “I am so proud I have been selected, and I thank LUXlife Magazine because I consider it a really important award, product of the successes obtained and of the satisfaction of so many spouses.” The secret for the company’s success lies in a few precise elements. First of all, a great care for all of their customers. From the get-go, they want them to feel loved and walked by hand through the study and choice of every single detail. The couples they meet know that they have a constant professional support by their side. Roberta meets all of their new clients in person on the first appointment, ensuring that she is correctly interpreting their dreams and wishes; “empathy” is the key word that distinguishes their work and their philosophy in the relationship with the spouses. 1809LU20 Roberta Torresan has a global approach that includes services which are often not contemplated in the jobs of a Wedding Planning agency. In fact, they take care of the wedding venues scouting, planning the design, the flowers settings, the furnishing and decorating. In addition, they select vendors that most closely match the spouses’ requests; they assist the spouses during choices and negotiation, we become their consultants for the drafting and controlling of the wedding budget; we program the agenda for every meeting with every single vendors and for each rehearsal, we participate in person to each site inspection and tasting; we select and manage all the entertainment activities; we curate the wedding menu and select catering and chef; we are the directors of the wedding day, without experienced staff. Furthermore, they are sure that, in a ‘destination wedding’, the couple will have the necessity to be sided by a wedding planner who can help them to welcome their guests and offer them full assistance. For this reason, Roberta and her team are experts in hotel booking administration and transfers. They organise guided tours of the city for the guests, for the days preceding the wedding, as well as curating everything that could make the guests’ arrival and their stay the most pleasant experience, as Roberta informs us. “Often, the success of a wedding lies in the memory imprinted in the eyes of the spouses and the guests; and the experience that they will live during the course of the journey, before and after the reception, plays an integral role. The most demanding spouses want their guests to be treated with the highest regards, and this, to them, becomes the greatest indication of a wedding planner’s quality.” Many are the factors that can make the spouses and the guests happy, but the only guide line is personalisation; giving their clients a well- thought-out wedding only for them and their families and friends is the real essence of their work, that inspires each action that follows; listening, understanding, creating, this is the path to take to make each wedding unique and unrepeatable, treating the single event as their greatest and most important yet. Roberta Torresan is followed by thousands of wedding planners and applicants who enrol in one of her training courses throughout the country. Her community is growing each and every day, but she is also supporting many individuals. Contact: Roberta Torresan Company: Roberta Torresan Address: del Casale Solaro, 119 Rome, Italy Telephone: 00 39 06 5656 7273 Web Address: Chasing Perfection, Reaching Excellence