LUX Autumn 2018

809LU03 Inspiring the Future of theWellness Sector Pamper Alora Wellness Spa is based out of a modest and unassuming storefront in New Jersey, but, behind the rustic façade lies a hidden treasure. Renowned for the quality of its signature services, Alora has quickly made a name for itself as one of the premier spas in the state. Indeed, the spa’s Owner, Patricia Rivas has in recent months strived to elevate New Jersey’s reputation in the wellness sector, inspiring others to take the lead in driving the relaxation industry to new heights in the region. To start, we asked Patricia about the secret behind Alora’s enduring success with clients, “A spa does not have to be big and spacious and filled with employees. We are very deceiving from the outside - we have a beautiful spa that has many rooms which we take pride in, ensuring that every client is happy and comfortable. One of our rooms offers an infra-red sauna – it is the epitome of zen; extremely relaxing and filled with a heavenly aroma.” On the subject of treatments, Patricia emphasises some of the spa’s most popular services, “Our body contouring services are a non-surgical approach that will make a client feel better about themselves, without the worry associated with needles, fillers or surgery. We want you to leave feeling great about yourself. Along with body contouring we also offer hair removal, facials and massages. All of our procedures are safe and non- invasive. We are up to date in the latest technology in non-surgical skin care.” “Last but not least, we offer our own Ayurveda skin care line that has luxurious products to treat and take care of all skin types and problems. Anything from acne to fine lines and wrinkles. Here is what you requested to describe our spa. We hope this meets your expectations.” Patricia takes a moment to highlight the importance of her team, “our staff is professional in every aspect of their training. They are not there to simply perform a service, but to listen to the client. We are accommodating to our clients who work and can only come in on the weekends. There is always someone on staff available. Our trained staff meet and greet you with a friendly smile and welcoming attitude. We will always make sure to accommodate any medical issues the client may have. Our spa does not operate like a factory, we pride ourselves on being a calm, intimate, warm, impeccably clean and inviting.” Ultimately, Alora aims to modernise the widely held conceptions about the wellness sector. It’s not about the size of the establishment, or the décor, it’s about the heart, passion and quality of the services on offer. Alora Wellness Spa is a health and wellness spa based out of Boonton, New Jersey. In August, Alora was named among the winners of LUXlife ’s 2018 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards with the title Most Outstanding High-End Spa in New Jersey. Following this achievement, we sat down with Patricia Rivas, Alora Wellness Spa’s Owner, to find out how she has revolutionised the wellness landscape in the state of New Jersey. Contact: Patricia Rivas Company: Alora Wellness Spa Address: 109 Cornelia Street, Boonton, New Jersey, USA Telephone: 001 201 233 3871 Website: