LUX Autumn 2018

82 1807LU01 Creating Stunning Designs Jewel Toned Interiors is a licensed interior design boutique serving clients nationwide with a specialty focus in South Florida. Taking time to provide us with insight into this exceptional interior design firm, is the company’s Founder, Joy Lynskey. She reveals to us about their innovative designs, and charitable ways. Jewel Toned Interiors provides design services for corporate, restaurant, retail, multi-family, and small-scale healthcare environments. In addition, we offer residential home design services. As a team we collaborated in the creation of a charter which proclaims who we are and what we stand for. Here is an excerpt from our charter: “By actively listening, we create environments that consider each client’s unique statement, financial commitment and functional concerns. These completed spaces provide a sensory experience and an emotional connection that inspires pride of ownership and self-expression. We are a dedicated team committed to producing extraordinary results and supporting one another through authenticity, integrity and compassion. As visionaries, we value and appreciate our client’s trust which results in work that exceeds expectations.” Our mission is to grow creativity for individuals of all demographics. We endeavour to cultivate lasting relationships with our clients, while designing interiors that leave a lasting impression on their guests and users. Jewel Toned Interiors is a culmination of many years of varying experience by the numerous members of our team. We strive to do right by our colleagues and clients while making an impact in the local community and in the lives of those we influence. We have grown from being a true start-up company, as I used to serve commercial clients out of my guest bedroom, to a multi-faceted team of collaborators. I was once told that “You have to do well before you can do good” and that has continually stuck with me. The success of the company fuels our ability to give back to our local community and in turn, the world. As a boutique design studio we are constantly looking at how we can be nimble and accommodating, offering our clients a different approach from what they would find at a larger firm. It is our goal to keep this hands-on quality throughout the life of the company and to value all those who make it a success from our clients and vendors to other brand champions. We embrace the living, breathing entity that is JTI and its ability to transform and evolve, challenge and encourage. The inspiring beings that make up JTI are what make the company so special. We work long hours in close quarters so we have a camaraderie you don’t find just anywhere. Also, we stand for big conversations (the continuation and funding of art in public spaces) and we put our money (and our flair pens) where our mouth is. We donate our time and talent whenever our schedule and resources allow and we are dedicated to growing creativity in those we encounter. Prior to a proposal being prepared, we ask that clients complete an in-depth questionnaire. This survey asks about the required functions and their vision for the space. It is imperative that a client has an established budget for a project of any size as that is the only way that we can make sure we select the appropriate finishes and furnishings to work within those financial constraints. On the inspiration side, it is great to know where people find motivation and where they find serenity. If a client finds refuge in hiking mountains instead of time on the beach, we will look at design selections very differently. This is helpful for us when choosing a colour and materials palette, as we could go in very different directions based from the survey feedback. What sets Jewel Toned Interiors apart from other interior design firms is that all of our projects are conceptually based. We start with a big idea and we drill down into the intimate details. If a client desires, we can be part of the project from initial concept through completion. Although we offer conceptual ideas if that is all that is asked, the most successful when hired early in the design process and have the opportunity to see the project through to the finished space. Our ideal client is a home or business owner who is up to something more than themselves. We desire to work with people that are compassionate and have a heart for making the world a better place. As interior designers, we affect spaces that bring value to people. We design the surroundings where people share cherished moments with their loved ones whether it is a restaurant where accomplishments are celebrated or a home where grandchildren visit their grandparents. Also, we desire to work with business owners who desire a workplace that encourages a positive company culture. Interior environments must not be stagnant, but instead be dynamic and engaging to each and every individual that experiences them across gender, race and generation. Many times the environments we create garner a sense of nostalgia - whether it is the eclectic use of found objects within a space or extremely energetic architecture that calls to your inner child. Additionally, we all love what we do and do what we love. Sure, there are crazy insane deadlines and several fires to put out for each project, but the truth is, the challenges are what make us adapt and force us to become stronger, more successful designers. No matter the location, budget or size of project we are able to create a stunning design that will suit your needs. Contact: Joy Lynskey Company: Jewel Toned Interiors, 1421 SE 4th Ave, Suite C, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33316, USA Telephone: 001 954 774 9565 Web Address: