LUX Autumn 2018

83 Marbella Club Hotel Golf Resort & Spa is a genre-defining example of a luxury wellness centre. Located on the Costa del Sol, it is at the heart of the ‘Golden Mile’ in Marbella, a stretch of land home to some of the world’s most extraordinary hotels, spas and bars. LUXlife Magazine named Marbella Club`s Thalasso Spa as the Most Outstanding Spa & Wellbeing Facility in our ongoing 2018 Health & Wellbeing Awards. We profiled this extraordinary establishment to find out more about how they have built one of the must-visit locations in this esteemed area. Taking no small amount of inspiration from the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding area, the approach to wellness at Marbella Club’s Thalasso Spa finds its foundation in four elements; Nutrition, Fitness, Spa and Wellbeing. Here, the natural and the holistic are advocated above all else – a return to the simple everyday pleasures; a walk on the beach, or the enjoyment of a family dinner. It’s a refreshing change from the often techno-oriented mindset of similar establishments around the world. Where others have their values cast towards the future – embracing a high-tech, clinical vision – Thalasso Spa has its eyes cast on embracing the benefits of the past. In the historic wisdom of our ancestors, and those that wandered, millennia ago, the golden sands that Marbella Club now occupies. Taking its name from the Greek word for sea, thálassa, and embodying the Roman ideology of ‘Salus per Aquam’ – health through water – the spa doubles down on hydrotherapy treatments, Hammam steam baths, and wood-burning Finnish saunas. Indeed, the seawater-based treatments are what the spa is famous for, and a source of its ongoing popularity among its guests. Of course, it would be a disservice to the spa’s many other merits to conclude there, as the five-star rating attests nothing short of excellence in all of the resort’s offerings. 1807LU09 When it comes to this standard of excellence, the hotel – firstly – credits its staff; taking pride in employing second and third-generation families, whose passion for the resort creates a warm, and inviting, yet discreet atmosphere. Further, as Marbella Club is not part of a larger chain of restaurants, they truly believe in nurturing those that work within its walls, creating a close-knit dynamic. At a corporate level, the HR department builds a sense of brand awareness in group activities. New recruits also follow an initiation course where they are instructed on the hotel’s philosophy and way of life. Equally, excellence is attained in the sheer number of facilities on offer, catering for all tastes and preferences. From the fitness centre, Kid’s Club, and shopping gallery to the equestrian centre and Dave Thomas- designed 18-hole golf course. Complimenting all of that, is no fewer than six restaurants and bars- including the famous Beach Club buffet, legendary Grill Restaurant and avant-garde MC Café. When it comes to the hotel’s design, the oceanic motif is carried pleasantly, and effectively, throughout. From the earthly natural palette – all browns, creams, and soft yellows- to the peppering of blues and greens, a collage of lush foliage, and immaculate topiary. As you would expect for the area, the exterior façade is defined by the typical Andalusian style – a Hispano-Moorish blend that is as distinctive as it is striking. Here you will find examples of almost all of the archetypal elements, to name a few; voussoirs, horseshoe arches, and azulego. The reflection of the Moorish style is seen in the interior décor, from the spattering of meditation cushions, to the refreshing white walls, and rich fabric and upholstery. LUXlife named Marbella Club, and its Thalasso Spa, as an Outstanding Spa & Wellbeing Facility, but this title captures only the smallest of truths. An intense sense of perfection, an idyllic peace, pervades every inch of the resort. It remains a treat on the Costa del Sol, a standout treasure in an area known for its excellence in hospitality.Contact Details Company: Marbella Club Hotel Golf Resort & Spa Address: Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, s/n Marbella, Malaga, 29602 Spain Website: A Paradise in the Heart of Andalusia Retreat