Autumn 2019

12 Luxury hospitality is a notoriously challenging arena of the design sector, difficult to thrive in and demanding of the most exacting of expectations. Here the industry’s experts need to be adaptive, innovative and – naturally – creative, with a keen eye on the smallest of details and the most perfect of finishing touches. Consider the balance between form and function, that most delicate of equilibriums, or the edge between sophistication and opulent. From the avant-garde to traditionalist havens, the luxury sphere is vast indeed, and today’s designers Aug19210 Michelle Evans & Associates (MEA) is a boutique interior design company with over thirty years’ experience in the hospitality sphere. With an impressive reputation for excelling with culturally diverse client briefs, LUXlife recognised MEA under the ongoing 2019 Leading Designers programme as the ‘Most Innovative Specialist Interior Design Firm in Dubai’. Eager to find out more about their inspirations, ethos and work, we spoke to Principal and Creative Director Michelle Evans. A Leading Light in Global Interior Design