Autumn 2019

18 Providing acoustical solutions for nearly forty years, Acoustical Surfaces Inc. has a solution for almost any noise-related problem. From soundproofing to noise control, to acoustical vibration problems, this company will drown out any discord to create perfect harmony for their clients. Find out why this company have won in our 2019 Leading Designers awards. A pioneer in controlling sound, ASI has been in operation since 1980, cultivating a relationship of commitment and trust between themselves and the client. Serving the commercial, industrial, educational, professional sound, multi-tenant residential and house of worship markets, the expert team of acoustical and architectural specialists ensure that each project’s goals are achieved with maximum satisfaction to the client, regardless of market or industry. With over 400 speciality products designed to reduce sound and noise issues in any workplace, ASI have established themselves as a niche, but necessary, industry for a variety of market clients. Whether looking to match furniture with functionality, or décor with day-to-day business life, the large amount of fabrics and products designed to create a healthy sound environment will have something for every client. Whilst sometimes considered a niche industry, the science and technology of sound management has been steadily increasing for a number of years. With a business that is always expanding and delivering for other industries, ASI employs a team of highly-experienced sales and support staff that understand each client’s market and its unique requirements. Ensuring that every member of staff is aware of advances within the acoustics industry, ASI continuously provide training. Staff education is Superb Sound-Proofing Company Quiets Competition ongoing to guarantee knowledge around the most current and effective practices in creating healthy sound environments for clients. Highly experienced staff are able to mitigate all manner of sound and noise control issues, ensuring a quality experience for the client. As the public and professional worlds become more aware of acoustics and noise control treatment options, the increase in noise mitigation priorities is also on the rise for businesses in a variety of markets. Paying close attention to market trends, ASI strives to deliver cost-effective solutions to the arising problems whilst guaranteeing the client an unobtrusive experience during installation and usage. One of the most important aspects of installing new technology to help with sound and noise control issues, is not sacrificing aesthetics for acoustics. The wide variety of products and innovation of ASI mean that clients can achieve the desired results without compromising on any other aspect of the affected area. Fabric wrapped acoustic panels, sound absorbing curtain material, and sound silencing acoustical wall panels are just a few of the high-quality products offered by this firm. Moving forward, new manufacturing technologies and acoustical research techniques will allow ASI to offer more useful, more effective, and more efficient products for clients in the corporate and industrial markets. With rapid developments in micro-perforation and new manufacturing techniques, the company’s investment into the potential applications for this technology is ever expanding. Fundamentally, the nearly forty-year success of ASI is down to their expert advice on soundproofing and noise control. Being at the forefront of newly- developing techniques and technology allows this firm to continue delivering high quality service to clients across a plethora of industries and markets. Creating harmonious work environments without sacrificing aesthetics for acoustics make this company a pioneer and leader in the industry. Contact: Korey Berg Website: Tech Jun19499 ACOUSTICAL SUR FACES INC. S T O P N O I S E Sound Solutions— since1980