Autumn 2019

Newman Assets limited is a start-up company that specialises in pur- chasing and developing proper- ties into innovative and unique commercial spaces. Following the firm’s success in the 2019 Leading Designers programme, where it was named ‘London’s Most Innovative Commercial Property Development Company’, we spoke with Owner, Rami Fustok to find out more about his work. “Always push boundaries - they are limitless!” - Rami Fustok, Owner Despite being “an extremely small company”, Newman Assets has made a very large impression indeed in an industry that demands exceptionally high standards at all times. In this way, as Rami emphasises, their size has proven an invaluable asset, allowing the company to thrive on the back of a deep collaborative spirit. “As a small company, everyone is on the same mission objectives, so we work and communicate closely together in order to achieve our goals.” This extends to their approach to client service which is, at all times, highly personal and bespoke. Perhaps surprisingly in this digital-first world, Rami and Newman Assets prefer to use technology sparingly, and instead Transforming Spaces Through Creativity and Originality focus on fostering close professional relationships through more traditional routes. “We try to use as little technology as possible as human relationships and interaction are most important in our way of doing business.” All in all, this has both served to differentiate the firm and served as a vital asset in an environment that can be -at times – highly volatile. Saying that, for the time being at least, the commercial property development sector is a healthy one: “A lot of hotels are being opened, but of course, finding unique spaces in the right location is always going to be a challenge.” Rami continues, moving on to discuss other challenges that Newman Assets has encountered recently and expects to encounter moving forward. “One of the most prominent developments in this industry will always be changing laws and regulations which should – it goes without saying – be closely followed in order to ensure projects become commercially viable. Throughout it all, Brexit remains a cause of uncertainty.” Finally, Rami comments on the future of Newman Assets as they look to solidify their position in this incredibly competitive industry. “As always, our main mission is to find and develop a property to become a commercially immersive space that has not been delivered before. We are always looking to be original – to stand out from the crowd. After all, there’s always enterprising and creative ideas that haven’t been thought of or attempted before.” Company: Newman Assets limited Name: Rami Fustok Website: Jul19137