Autumn 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 23 Autumn 2019 The spaces designed by Õpaal are often sleek, classy and contemporary, a truly expert blend of practicality and luxurious beauty. Whether it’s hotel lobbies, office spaces, retail areas, or private residential spaces, each space is different and yet connected by a running theme of modern elegance. Perfectly encapsulating the essence of luxury and practicality, Õpaal designed a series of hotel spaces at Marjan Island Resorts and Hotels, ranging from the entrance lobby to exquisite apartments. Inspired by the breath-taking views of the sea and sky, each space draws on the surroundings to create outstanding spaces. The entrance lobby is grand, but with the tranquillity in its ambience to dilute guests transition from the outdoors. A large tree sits in the middle, surrounded by reflective pool and modern chic seating to give off the feeling of a homely living room. The colour schemes carry earthy tones that provide guests with a truly soothing sensation upon entry. That same level of luxury is extended to the attached high-rise apartment, which features an open living space with floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking the sea. Sleek modern lines and warm materials are enhanced with rich accents, as the grey and earth tones perfectly complement each other. Whilst most of Õpaal’s spaces include their trademark designs such as floor to ceiling lines, large windows, classy colour schemes and chic modern furniture, no two spaces are the same. Fusing all these elements together in uniquely different ways has allowed for the studio to remain at the top of their game since their inception, creating practical and beautiful spaces. Ultimately, Õpaal’s success is thanks to their luxury, high-end design being consistently of such a high quality. Each finished and furnished space exudes luxury and class through carefully selected materials, colours, furniture, and a keen understanding of the client themselves. This Dubai-based interior design studio is responsible for some of the best, and most luxurious spaces, across the entirety of the United Arab Emirates, if not the world. Contact: Jacinta Dellota Website: