Autumn 2019

Jan19228 Experience True Luxury at Hacienda Zorita Hacienda Zorita Wine Hotel & Spa has long been considered a truly iconic property. Extensive renovations converted this monastery into a truly unique luxury resort situated among Salamanca’s idyllic countryside. Following the hotel’s success in the 2019 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards, where it was named Spain's Best Historic Wine Hotel, we spoke with General Manager David Garcia to find out more. To put it simply, Hacienda Zorita is a must-visit establishment for wine aficionados and sommeliers alike. For everyone else, this 5-star hotel remains tantalising, delighting in its authenticity and impressing with its outstanding guest experience. Indeed, from check-in to check-out, Hacienda and its dedicated staff seek to make a lasting impression. They’ll no doubt succeed. Ultimately, whether you are visiting as a couple, with a family, or by yourself you can rest assured that Hacienda Zorita will exceed every expectation. This is all very much ‘part of the plan’, according to David, who starts the interview by emphasising the efforts of the entire team when it comes to securing the best possible guest experience. “Our local team has a tremendous wealth of knowledge regarding locations to visit, out of the way shops to browse in, dining experiences and magnificent sites to see. “As you discover the beauty of Salamanca, you will realise the peaceful that adorns this unique part of the world. Within the modern complexities of today’s society, traditional life remains and is easily discovered should you wish. We encourage every guest to follow your curiosity and uncover the magic of Hacienda Zorita.” This idea really encapsulates the hotel’s enduring appeal – it represents a complete experience over, merely, accommodation. David agrees: “Hacienda Zorita experiences are stunning opportunities for our beloved guests to explore, discover and admire the uniqueness and beauty of our property.” In an industry which is swiftly becoming defined by the experience economy - as people look to truly live like a local in the countries that they visit – Hacienda has flourished, finding enduring success. However, that’s not to say that David and his team are resting on their laurels. No, they understand that even luxury establishments such as Hacienda Zorita must continuously improve and adapt to the latest trends and developments. Here, David offers some final thoughts on how the hotel is staying ahead of the curve: “hospitality is a challenging industry when it comes to recognising – and capitalising on – constant changes. However, Hacienda Zorita adapts regularly to these business challenges. For example, one of the developments that the sector is likely to see soon is the increasing use of technology. However, we strongly believe that success in hospitality relies on a human touch to create memorable experiences to our beloved guests.” Company: The Haciendas Company Name: David García, General Manager Address: SA-300, km 10, Valverdón, Salamanca, Spain Website: Telephone: +34 923 12 94 00